Immigration vs Liberal Logic

One might find this useful if ever in an argument over immigration with a liberal. Although, the liberals who have bought into “diversity is our strength” might be too far gone.

Arguing with a liberal about the economic impact of rampant immigration will twist your brain into a pretzel. It inevitably goes something like this:

“Illegal aliens and legal immigrants are taking millions of our jobs.”

“No, they’re not.”

“Then they’re all on welfare.”

“No, they’re not. Even most undocumented workers are productive members of society.” 

“How are they productive if they’re not taking jobs?”

“Undocumented workers are only taking jobs American’s don’t want.”

“Americans don’t want those jobs because migrant workers have been taking them for so many decades that wages have remained stagnant at a level that only a totally desperate person would work for. That is exactly how they are hurting us by taking jobs. They are not just taking up jobs, but they are keeping wages suppressed because Americans would have to reduce themselves to living like many migrant workers in substandard housing and driving badly broken vehicles in order to stay alive at those wages if they accepted those jobs.”

“Migrants only live at that level because they are forced to.”

“Exactly. They are forced to because the pay for those jobs never goes up because they are willing to live at that level out of desperation if that is what it takes to stay alive, and you’re willing to exploit them.”

“And if migrant workers didn’t do that, you’d have to pay more for all the food you eat. Do you really want to pay more for everything?”

Nearly 70% of all illegal immigrants are on welfare. That alone is a reason to kick them out. Welfare is taken out of the taxes from the middle class. Keep that up to sustain the millions of people crossing the border illegally and there won’t be a middle class anymore. Which would ironically serves the left’s purpose of making everyone poor so they will be further dependent on the government. Big government programs that the people need in order to stay alive secures that the ruling class will always rule. And it would have if Bush or Obama had managed to pass amnesty like they wanted to. 

And as far as this argument that the illegals do the jobs we don’t want, there were countless occasions while growing up where I would have taken those lower skilled jobs. We used to do those jobs. I would have made beds, I would have cut grass, I would have served tacos. Those are jobs meant for teens so they can get a little work experience before they move into better jobs. Not anymore. I can’t even go to a Chipotle or Panera Bread in my area and apply for a job if I don’t speak Spanish. And if I see a white person behind the counter, they’re usually a minority. Which I’m told by the left is a good thing. It’s a good thing that a country that was 90% white prior to 1965 now has wages so low that the middle class teens can’t apply for work to get experience and I couldn’t get a job at iHop if I wanted to because I never conceded to learning Spanish A language that was never necessary to know until our politicians realized they would get cheaper labor and more votes to the left if they allowed more from south of the border inside.

But the left has people genuinely believing that if you don’t want to speak Spanish and if you want English to be the primary language of this country, you’re racist. Meaning… the Japanese are racist for having Japanese and their primary language. The Chinese are racist for having two primary Chinese languages, Mandarin and Cantonese. The Russians are racist for wanting Russia to be their primary language. The Mexicans are racist for wanting Spanish to be their primary language. No no no… It’s only evil white Americans who are so pompous that they believe their entitled to actually having a primary language.

Maintaining a peasant immigrant labor class is what it is really all about.

And that, you see, is the bottom line — cheap labor via a peasant class. We don’t want to pay more for everything, so both political parties turn a blind eye to the cheap, illegal labor and keep the peasants coming, regardless of the social costs of maintaining a peasant class.

They are truly peasants, not just because of their living conditions, but because they supposedly have no voting rights (debatable). They have no say in the laws that govern them so live by the rules of another class of people, and they have to keep their heads low to keep from being deported. That means they dare not complain about working conditions either, as Americans most certainly would.

Peasants have to take what they get. That’s why we keep them illegal, and why we just catch and release them, letting them stay here in spite of the fact we know they have no legal right to because we just caught them crossing the border. It all forces them to keep their heads low … until one day they rise enough in numbers that they don’t keep their heads low any longer, and the peasants revolt against their slavish conditions.

Over 80% of women who try crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico are raped by coyote gangs. If I were in a place of reasonable power, that alone would give me incentive to shut down the border so hard that people wouldn’t be tempted to try crossing.

Illegals and those who carry H1B visas are treated little better than cattle. Slaves. Indentured servants. They know that if the don’t put up with their shitty living conditions, they will either have to go home or they will be starve. Again, if I were in a position of power, I wouldn’t want that kind of enforced misery taking place in my country. Better that they either be sent back and stop encouraging others to come in illegally. Especially with promises of welfare money. 

What’s worse is that when the children of illegals get into the school system, they become radicalized by the left to believe that they’re being oppressed by evil white racists. When in reality, it was their parent’s choice to come into the country to start with. No one made them. And they are entitled to no special treatment what so ever. No one who cuts in line to immigrate or who commits crimes to do so is entitled to anything. 

What about the compassionate liberal argument for immigrant labor

At this point, the liberal turns to the compassion argument, since the economic argument for immigrant labor leads to ruin. The compassionate argument runs like this, this time started by the liberal:

“You are mean and cruel for wanting to kick a million and a half undocumented workers out of this country.”

“No more mean and cruel than you are for insisting on keeping out the hundreds of millions more people who want in but are kept out because they respect our immigration laws.

“I don’t insist on keeping anyone out.”

“Of course you do. Otherwise, you’d spend all this protest energy trying to get the government to declare open borders to the whole world and let in everyone who wants in so long as they’re not criminals.”

“There wouldn’t be that many that would come in anyway.”

“Eliminate all immigration laws, except those barring criminals, and find out.”

“That is ridiculous. We have to have some reasonable limits because we cannot absorb hundreds of millions all at once.”

“So, you only want to keep out the ones who are respecting the legal process but keep in all the ones that jumped ahead of them in line? I want to kick out 1.5 million or more who jumped ahead in line, but you want to keep out hundreds of millions, and that makes you more compassionate?”

“Yes, it does. We cannot absorb hundreds of millions. It’s ridiculous. I would if we could, but it’s not even possible.”

“So, there is nothing wrong with having immigration laws, but just with enforcing them?”

“Yes, that’s mean and cruel because you are breaking up families.”

“Didn’t they know that was the huge risk they took in breaking the law and coming into the country illegally — that it might be really messy when they’re forced to leave?”

“You’re a racist with no heart.”

“What if I’m of English decent and also don’t want 1.5 million illegal aliens from the UK?”

“You’re English? See, I knew you were racist.”

“What if I just don’t want more people of any color, including my own, because we already have too many people in the US?”

“Why don’t you just leave the country and solve the problem then?”

“Aren’t you the one who promised you would leave if Trump was elected? Why should I just force the problem onto some other nation?

Let’s face it. The left thinks everyone on the planet is an American! They just don’t have their passport yet.

People don’t immigrate like they used to. It’s not 60k people coming from Asia during the California Gold Rush. It’s millions of people in the span of a few years or even less. This is when immigration becomes war and a time of extreme crisis. People aren’t coming over on wooden boats anymore. They’re coming in as if it were a conquest. And arguably it is.

Charles Dickens once wrote that the white elites drove him insane because they had so much sympathy for the plight of non-whites in other countries while they’re chimney was being cleaned by an impoverished white eleven year old right in front of them. How is this any different? Liberals have so much compassion for those who are worse off and chalk everything down to their environment as far as why they’re not succeeding. They want to give the goodies of the west to the open mouths of the third world, which in reality hurts the third world. For example, since whites from the west have spread better food sources to Africa, their population has exploded. Meaning that Africa, an already impoverished continent, won’t be able to maintain their own populace in a short amount of time. 

There’s nothing empathetic about wanting to keep illegals in the U.S. when they abuse the welfare state, drive illegally, make horrible wages that keep them and others impoverished, they keep wages down for the working class of U.S. citizens, they are raped along the way of entry, and then they demand special privileges such as citizenship right now as they do it.

2 thoughts on “Immigration vs Liberal Logic

  1. Tony

    DAMN GIRL!!! This is a LONG one.

    The libtards of today truly have no idea about what a starter job really is. When I was 16 my first job was a gas station attendant at the last full service gas station in PG County (Bowie) Maryland. Rain, summer heat, winter snow, it didn’t matter. If someone pulled up to those full service pumps, my ass had to go out and not only fill their tank but clean their windshields and check the oil. Oh and this was before the times of weather awnings over the pumps. It was ALL wide open for me to be out in.

    My next job came about 9-10 months later during my last few weeks in high school. I built in ground swimming pools. I was “The Labor” in that task. I was the one with the shovel in my hands or wheeling a wheelbarrow full of concrete from the street to someone’s backyard or whatever other task was necessary to make the pool a reality.

    When my pool job ended 4 or 5 months later I worked for the concrete company that made the decks for those pools I built. Again in the freezing winter my ass was outside with a shovel, wheelbarrow, pick axe or jackhammer making pool decks, sidewalks, building foundations or whatever else we made. Hell I was almost killed on that job when I was 18.

    It wasn’t long after that accident I decided to change professions and actually got an assistant manager’s position at Crown Books just 6 months out of high school. I wasn’t even making $10 per hour, FAR FROM IT in fact, but managed to keep that job, pay my car insurance, buy a (new to me) used car, was able to keep that 20 gallon tank filled with gas, pay rent at my parents house and still had money to fun with.

    Thanks to the dumb shit libtard politicians constantly bringing in illegals and then calling us racist for want them gone, teens of these days will NEVER know what “paying your dues jobs” are or what they are about. They just want everything all at once and they want it right now.

    We really need a new neon sign in Lady Liberty’s hand that says “NO VACANCY!”

    And one more thing. 20 million people entering our country is NOT immigration, it’s INVASION!!!! We have more illegals in our country alone than many countries even have full populations. That has to stop.

  2. Charles Dickens once wrote that the white elites drove him insane because they had so much sympathy for the plight of non-whites in other countries while [their] chimney was being cleaned by an impoverished white eleven year old right in front of them.

    This reminds me of a segment from C. S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters:

    It is, no doubt, impossible to prevent his praying for his mother, but we have means of rendering the prayers innocuous. Make sure that they are always very “spiritual”, that he is always concerned with the state of her soul and never with her rheumatism….I have had patients of my own so well in hand that they could be turned at a moment’s notice from impassioned prayer for a wife’s or son’s “soul” to beating or insulting the real wife or son
    without a qualm.

    People who “love” in the abstract but feel themselves entitled to hate in the particular are among the lowest specimens of Mankind…and that is a fair to middling capsule description of the American left-liberal in this Year of Our Lord 2017.

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