Farage speaks for the people

As it turns out, the people of the Western world are stricter on immigration than both Trump and Farage.

Nigel Farage has slammed European Union (EU) institutions for continuing to foster large scale immigration from Muslim countries in opposition to the wishes of the people of Europe.

Citing a Chatham House survey published last week which sought the opinions of ten thousand people across ten European Union (EU) member states, Mr. Farage told his colleagues in the Strasbourg parliament: “Only 20 per cent of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue. Just 20 per cent want us to keep on allowing people in from Muslim countries.

“Which means your voters have a harder line position on this than Donald Trump or myself, or frankly any party sitting in this parliament.

“That is where we’re going, and I simply cannot believe that you’re blind to the fact.”

He added: “The fact is, the European Union has no future at all in its current form, and I suspect you’re in for as big a shock in 2017 as you were in ’16.”

In a recent poll in the states, over 55% of the population approved of Trump’s “Muslim ban” which was actually a ban put forth by the Obama administration. Did I mention that Obama placed sanctions on other countries 19 times during his administration? And twice on the Middle East?

If this refusal to follow the will of the people continues, and the arguments put forth by those who have seen the horrors of Islam and it’s anti-women, anti-gay, anti-West cultural ways are continuously ignored, evolution might place the West on a list for extermination. Islam preaches conquering those who won’t convert. It preaches for them not to assimilate. And that it’s moral to kill those who disagree with them. They’ve done it countless times before in countries such as Lebanon. They will do so again if given the opportunity.

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