Female Trump Supporters Don’t Need Feminism

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” actress Lena Dunham said being that “a part of feminism” is almost like “being a parent” and that the white women who voted for Donald Trump need to be enlightened “with the rhetoric of self-empowerment.”

The fact that Lena Dunham is claiming that she knows what it means to be parent without actually being a parent herself is more than a little arrogant. It’s downright ignorant. Only parents who actually try to raise their children well and be good role models know what it truly means to be a parent.

Women who voted for Trump did so because they don’t need feminism. Third wave feminism is nothing more than women trying to be superior to men. Fewer and fewer women identify with feminism. I think the running number of Americans who identify as feminists is under 18%. That alone is proof that the movement is losing steam. And for good reason. It’s allowed women to walk around thinking they don’t need a man or that they are better off without them.

Women in the west have a better quality of life than any other group of women in any other country in the entire world. We don’t need feminism. But maybe Lena Dunham could go to Iran and preach feminism there. Now that’s a country in desperate need of feminism. Although, Lena and others are likely to lose their head if they try. Just last week in Saudi Arabia, a woman was condemned to die by beheading in a Saudi Arabian parking lot. No trial. No lawyers. Just off with her head with onlookers watching and laughing. But clearly women voting for Trump is something more substantial to Lena.

I think it’s really important to remember that it is an incredible problem that 53% of women in this country — 53% of white women in this country voted for Donald Trump which means that they’re not only voting against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them, who they may not understand but whose rights are just as important, but also remember that they are in that case voting against their own best interest.

The women who voted for Hillary in no way whatsoever consider themselves to be my sisters. They consider me the enemy. An outsider. Someone who is ignorant or in their colorful language, “hateful”. The truth is, Hillary is about as anti-feminist as you can get. She took money for her campaign from countries such as Saudi Arabia. She was completely in bed with them. Remember that whole beheading story? Does that sound like someone who has women’s best interests at heart? Not to mention that Hillary wanted to import more people from Islamic countries that considers a woman’s testimony in court to be worth 1/4 of a man’s testimony. Liberals might call pointing out honor killings and acid being thrown in women’s faces a bit racist even though Islam isn’t a race. I call it, “I don’t want those performing female genital mutilation living next door to me in the 21st century.”

I think what’s really hard, obviously it pains me as a caucasian women to think about how many women didn’t think about women who looked different or had different life experiences than them. They didn’t look outside their own back yard when they made the choice to vote for Donald Trump.

Looking outside their own backyard is exactly why women voted for Trump. Over 70% of illegal immigrants are on welfare which is crippling the middle class in taxes. Terrorist attacks in Europe are causing citizens to flee their native countries in fear of assault or death. The rape epidemic in Sweden is in exactly correlation with the amount of refugees (aka: economic migrants) being permitted in. White Londoners are a minority in their own city. Mexico’s age of consent is 12 and over 80% of women who attempt crossing the border into the U.S. illegally are raped or sold into human trafficking by coyote gangs.

That’s what American women have seen. And they said one huge, big, resounding NO! Looking out for your own interests is deemed by those on the left as selfish. Defending our borders against invaders is deemed racist. Saying western women have rights far superior to women in any other part of the world is deemed sexist. But American women who voted for Trump see these things. They know them to be true.

They might be afraid to speak out in the open with all the attacks from leftists as of late, but the one place where they know how to make their voices heard… is the voting booth.

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  1. In this country we have 2 groups living in 2 separate realities. The problem is, IMHO, reaching a point of insolvency. Keep up the good work Bre.

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