Beautiful Diversity in Paris

But but but… diversity is our strength!

Paris City Hall announced Thursday an eight-foot tall bulletproof glass wall will shield the iconic Belle-Epoque Eiffel Tower from terrorist threats.

Coming just six days after a lone knife attacker rushed soldiers protecting the Louvre Palace museum, the new permanent wall will replace a temporary structure put in place in Summer 2016. Speaking in Paris Thursday morning, Bernard Gaudillères, president of the organisation that operates the tower, said the “bulletproof wall will encompass most of the gardens of the Eiffel Tower”, reports Le Figaro.

Mr. Gaudillères said because the wall will be made of bulletproof glass, it will still allow views of the Tower from the street. The new wall will prevent tourists and, it is hoped, would-be terrorists from approaching from any direction.

Now instead of walking to the monument from the street, visitors will be forced to enter through security checkpoints through the gardens. Despite this change, Paris has said access to the gardens and square underneath the tower will remain free of charge.

The decision to use glass, which will cost Paris some €20 million (£17 million), will prevent the tower from taking on the appearance of a “fortress”, and won’t “distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings”, reports Le Parisien.

This development comes as Paris struggles to recover the flagging tourist trade in the city, which has been driven away by fear of terrorism and surging crime. Breitbart London reported in January how Chinese tour operators are seeing a slump in bookings in France, with wealthy travellers instead opting for safer destinations like Italy, Spain, and Russia.

Jean-François Zhou, spokesman for a major Chinese travel firm, explained the attitude shift away from France, saying: “For a number of Chinese tourists, the dream of visiting France and Paris has turned into a nightmare.

“[Chinese tourists] are robbed in the palace of Versailles, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in front of their hotel, as they leave the coaches … In high season, not a day goes by without tourists being assaulted”.

The Chinese ex-pat who has lived in Paris for 20 years said he had watched the city become the number-one in Europe for “the upsurge in delinquency”.

Why do I get the feeling that the attempts to prevent the garden and Paris’s Eiffel Tower from looking like a fortress will fail spectacularly?

What can we attribute this to? An influx of economic migrants perhaps? God no. That would be racist.

But wait… Islam isn’t a race, is it? It’s a religion and a political ideology. And no religion or ideology is above criticism.

I had a friend predict recently that Paris would see an attack from an Islamic migrant at a major tourist site in a short matter of time. Given that there was a machete attack at the Louvre recently, it’s safe to say that it was an accurate prediction.

The influx of migrants into France as well as several other countries in Europe has left many natives feeling like strangers or even minorities in their own country. Some have fled to other countries. Tourism is falling. The danger is rising. And the virtue signaling by their politicians is failing to gain them any favor as right wing candidate Marine Le Pen gains ground for the upcoming presidential election in France.

I once thought to myself that if I made enough money one day, I’d like to revisit Paris once every other year. I’ve been three times and it’s beauty never fails to stun me. I’m thrilled to have seen it as much as I did and to have appreciated it’s splendor. Because I get the feeling that soon Paris won’t be the Paris I remember any longer. The images of the filth in the streets from the migrants and the photos from the RER being mostly migrants as well is enough to make me want to vomit. This isn’t a sudden flux of economic migrants. It’s a conquest. It’s an invasion. And immigration is  form of warfare.

Will the French realize they’re under attack quick enough to divert away from disaster? Only time will tell. The French have a long history of moral relativism and various sorts of degeneracy. And yet, their culture is incredibly rich. Full of great music, food, art, and romance. Perhaps giving way to conquest will be their ultimate virtue signal. And their ultimate demise. But hey, they’ll have their “solidarité.” If only someone could translate what they word means to the migrants…

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Diversity in Paris

  1. Tony

    And how soon will that glass wall be covered in spray paint or stickers or posters, all of which put there by the cry baby liberal shits? Aren’t these people big on criticizing Trump about building his wall?

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