Superbowl oh so white?

Arthur van Kaseman
@longhorn12471 15h15 hours ago
Referees have been bought by #Trump! #Falcons#WhiteSupremacy


@MadSwagMartin Mom:
“the patriots are full of white guys and the Seahawks are full of black guys…. Interesting”

Zemrag ‏
@Zemrag7 3h3 hours ago
Zemrag Retweeted

Was SO DISGUSTING!! Couldnt do a larger display of love for european #whitesupremacy genocidal thieves

LaBellavah-Aña ‏
@LaHBomba 8h8 hours ago
Neutrality helps the oppressor. Silence encourages the tormentor. -E.Wiesel. #WhitePrivilege#Whitesupremacy#Tombrady


wow fuck to u white people and tom brady fucking racist islamaphobics

mansallah islam will rule the world #SuperBowl#WhiteSupremacy

@KaraRBrown I agreed with you. Tom Brady represent white supremacy. Boston is run by racist white people.


tom brady didn’t win. patriots didn’t win. Racism won. Trump won. White America won. Fart on white people tomorrow.

The next random person I know in real life that tells me I’m a racial purist because I have the nerve to point out shit like what you see up above and because I flat out refuse to engage in white guilt, gets a high five to the face.

2 thoughts on “Superbowl oh so white?

  1. Smarta**

    Now do you REALLY think these people would EVER listen to rational arguments concerning race. This is why a mono ethnic state is the best for everyone. Do you really think we can vote and dialogue our way back to 1965? Me either. There will be a contest for what one side has and is determined to keep, and the other side that is determined to get! No amount of platitudes will change that. Those of us that understand this have already clicked up with our own. Lots of snowflakes gonna get trampled. Trump has bought us a few years to prepare. The deep breath before the plunge. Hope I’m wrong!

  2. Tony

    In light of this post I am going to post on your facebook page a video I made a last year because of all the BLM crap that was going on in our country. I took at speech from a certain scifi movie as a reference, and yes created innuendo, and edited it into something we would hear today in America from some of those white hating assholes. I will never apologize for the video and I should never have to. Some FB friends that saw it last year loved it. Let me know what you think of it.

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