Buzzfeed Under Fire

Let this serve as a potential warning to others in the hoaxing media.

BuzzFeed is facing a lawsuit from a technology firm following its publication of an unverified dossier claiming President Donald Trump has close ties to the Russian government.

According to a report by McClatchy DC, XBT Holdings — a technology firm named in the dosser with Russian interests — is filing a defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed, its editor-in-chief Ben Smith, as well as former British intelligence spy Christopher Steele, for the publication of what it describes as “libelous, unverified and untrue allegations.”

“The dossier included libelous, unverified and untrue allegations regarding XBT, Webzilla and Gubarev. The lawsuits seek yet undetermined compensation for the damages suffered by XBT, Webzilla and Gubarev as the result of the publication of the dossier,” a statement from XBT read.

“We were shocked to see our good name wrongly included and published in this unsubstantiated report. We are confident that the courts will review the evidence of our non-involvement and provide fair and reasonable compensation from the perpetrators of this outrageous allegation,” it continued.

Some of the unverified claims included in the dossier were that Donald Trump had worked in collaboration with the Russian government in the hacking of DNC internal emails. as well as that Trump had participated in extremely graphic sexual fetishism in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

The dossier also implicated the Russian technology entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev as being heavily involved in the collaboration, without providing any evidence to substantiate the claim. BuzzFeed has since retracted his name from the dossier and apologized for its publication, although the lawsuit contends that it has left his “personal and professional reputation in tatters,” and presented a threat to his family’s safety.

Milo Yiannopolous claimed months ago that Buzzfeed would likely go out of business within the next ten years. This libelous article that they printed is proof that his claim might be true.

Buzzfeed is the homebase for fake news. They consistently print false stories not only about the God-Emperor, but also about the public at large. They’ve made horrible videos condemning white males and actively seek to divide people by claiming any white male or women who doesn’t kill themselves must be a racist. Or at least that’s the conclusion one inevitably comes to when reading the trash that they print.

I studied journalism for a year before abandoning the major. I realized that the majority of mainstream media was bought out by advertisers and that I wouldn’t be able to print the truth. This was long before I was even red pilled. Unfortunately, many others in the industry didn’t come to this same conclusion while studying journalism while at university. 

I sincerely hope that the libel laws are given stricter guidelines making it harder for the hoaxing media to print outright lies such as this one in the future. Honest journalists (if such a thing exists) that print factual articles that can be backed up by real sources won’t have much to fear from stricter laws on journalism. But those who intentionally slander and dox those they disagree with will.

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