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  1. It’s not bad enough we’re bombarded with politics on the media all the time, now the left has politicized education, entertainment, sports and now advertising? These people live in such a bubble they can’t even see how obnoxious it is to give me a lecture about their politics and think they’re going to sell me a car at the same time. Idiots! So if I get the meaning of their ad, to spite the fact that I’m a white Christian male and therefore, a misogynist, I need to buy a stinkin’ Audi to show my contrition? Sorry, I’m not a German car guy although I realize the irony of my wife’s Mulsanne though built in Crewe England is owned by VW. Even my Lincoln MKT was built in Canada.

    Come on Donald, MAGA! I’m with ya.

      • It’s that too, Bre. But can the left do anything without being condescending towards people who are not designated victims? Does this smack in the face by pompous A-holes mean we can riot in the streets and burn cars and trash people’s businesses?

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