#UCBerkleyRiot Against Milo

As I groggily woke up in bed this morning and did my usual internet junkie thing of allowing the light from my iPhone screen to bring me back to the land of the living, I was stunned, and yet not so stunned, to see that Milo’s speech at UC Berkley was canceled. The event was terrorized by rioters from the progressive far left, socialists, antifas, and others who caused so much chaos that the event wasn’t even permitted to take place. They shot off fireworks at the building, broke glass, smashed ATMs, set fires, and lord knows what else.

Milo had to be evacuated, the police (from what I’ve gathered), were so ineffective that it’s sparked conspiracy theories, and the SJW Chancellor of UC Berkley proclaimed Milo to be engaging in hate speech before he even arrived. I have no trouble believing this as I’ve heard of other cases where police refuse to protect right wingers at NPI and American Renaissance events, let alone a Milo speech.

The BBC reported on this outrageous action on the far left by doing what they do best. Blaming Milo. And claiming that Milo was an “alt-right” speaker. We on the alt-right know that Milo is NOT alt right. We refer to him as alt-light. Or a civil nationalist. Milo has done a great deal to distance himself from the alt right, and the alt right has done a great deal to distance him from their movement as well.

I do see overlaps on occasion as it was Milo and many others in the alt-light who brought me over to the alt-right, but Milo is NOT alt-right. He’s a gay, Jewish, conservative who works at Breitbart. He discusses feminism, obesity, Islam, cultural appropriation, leftist insanity, and many other triggering subjects that the left can’t stand being consistently beat on. And maybe that’s the real reason why this happened. The left can’t win arguments anymore. So they’ve stopped making them. Who needs words when you can shut down the opposition by being violent? Who needs words when you can make people think twice about going to a Milo event by threatening those who want to attend? Who needs words when the attendees know the police won’t protect them?

Milo uploaded a wonderful video after the event to explain his side of what happened. I’ll link it down below.

He made several very good points. One of them being that the left has been trying for quite some time to equate words with violence. Which is ironic, because the left is the first to use violence in order to shut down free speech, or speech that they just don’t like. And lucky for them, the hoaxing mainstream media doesn’t cover it when they do engage with violence. The left never disavows their crazies but is constantly seeking to force right wingers to disavow the right’s extremists. Meanwhile, had this been right wingers freaking out and rioting, it would televised everywhere as a testament to the crazies that exist on the right. But the hoaxing media was eager to spin this in any way they could to thrust blame on Milo rather than on their own extremists on the left.

I’m left wondering what the repercussions of this event will be. How will colleges respond in the future? This was Milo’s last tour stop, but do future tours for conservatives or right wingers in general stop from this moment onward? Will other university officials claim that they don’t have proper security measures and ban all right wing speakers? I wouldn’t be surprised. They have a legitimate argument for saying so now. Especially when the police didn’t do anything to tamper the violence.

Richard Spencer has spoken about wanting to have his own college tour. If someone as harmless as Milo is met with riots such as this, I don’t see how a self-proclaimed Alt-Righter, let alone the man who founded the term “Alt-Right” can possibly survive on a college campus.

Will these universities actually step up to the plate and say that they’ve had enough? I wonder if some of them realize that they could be a voice of truth, reason, and logic, and future tuition payments if they advertised their campuses as free speech zones where these lefties wouldn’t rule with an iron fist. But sadly, I don’t see that happening in the future. As much as I would like it to.

As I write this, Kassey Dillon just tweeted that Antifas tweeted out Milo’s location and he had to be evacuated again.

They can only have one motive by tweeting out his location. They’re hoping someone will do unspeakable violence toward Milo. The thin line between the actions of ISIS and the violence of the left in the West is becoming increasingly blurred.

4 thoughts on “#UCBerkleyRiot Against Milo

  1. Rainman.....

    Berkeley was an epic failure for the left. The alt left proved beyond all doubt, that they are a thousand times worse than the, ‘yet to be seen’, alt-right. Outside Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, no one has actually ‘seen’ these mythical monsters. But America has seen the alt-left dozens of times: rioting, attacking people, cars, trash cans, atm’s, Starbucks, and the police. They wear masks and they spit on people and throw urine and feces at anyone in their way.
    For Milo, it was an epic win (despite the collateral damage to his fans). Instead of preaching to a 100 people, there was Milo on Tucker Carlson, with an audience in the 10’s of millions, sounding British, educated, cultured, urbane, and adult like, while in the background the alt left was screeching frothing hate. America saw very plainly who the monsters were, and it wasn’t the alt-right. Milo’s name was being googled by millions of interested Americans that night. His youtube site was flooded, as was Breitbart’s. His book sales sky rocketed. He trolled the left into burning down their Vatican, their cultural center, Berkeley. He trolled the left into euthanizing their future. As was shown in the last election, mainstream America is paying a lot closer attention, and has a lot better judgement, than anyone in the main stream media ever thought.
    I’m in the Milo wing of the alt-light, and am content there. And while I disagree with some on the Alt-Right, I have seen nothing from you than I am troubled with.

    1. Thanks for reading and your comment. I disagree with Milo on a few things, but he’s a hugely positive force for good in my opinion. And I totally agree with you say that this backfired on the left miserably. They only managed to help get Milo an even bigger audience.

    2. Smarta**

      I am one of those more to the right in the Alt-Right. I would be one of the “security” dudes. I agree that when your enemy is making a mistake that you don`t interrupt him. As a combat veteran I can tell you that these Antifa`s are hooligans, and not disciplined people. A lot of Alt-Right guys are like me. If it comes to violence we will steam roller them. Hopefully Trump will crack down on them. If not then it will be very ugly, but very brief. I`m getting real tired of this shit. I enjoyed your post. Thxs

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