5 thoughts on “Coping with Being Red Pilled

  1. Rainman

    Bre. I was introduced to you by that Red Ice video and have been following (stalking) you since. I am not so much a race realist as I can see the white genocide actually being played out ( up to a million girls raped in England by grooming gangs and no press coverage at all). And we are not alone. The Alt-right is exploding in size, mostly due to the horrific behavior of the alt-left and the islamic radicals. For every one person some knucklehead in the alt-right sends left, the truly insane behavior of the alt-left is sending 10 to the right. The polling failure of Trumps win shows a huge silent majority terribly afraid to tell the truth to a very violent and spiteful minority. I mostly comment anonymously online at Western rifle shooters and over at the burning platform. At two of my three jobs its likely I would be fired if they read my stuff. At my third job my boss is more right wing than me. I’m guessing you live in a very blue county like me so I am very careful of who I confide in. I don’t want the windows on my car smashed. I take comfort in the fact that the failure of the polling in Trumps win shows we are not alone. We just have to be careful.

  2. Great video, but there is more to being red pilled than just race realism. Far more important is understanding the nature of the state itself, which is, effectively, the Matrix. But we can’t just do away with it, as anarchists once naively thought they could.

    We have to radically reform it, but that won’t be easy, because it is extremely powerful, with everyone who is anyone in society, with any power or influence, having a massive personal self-interest in retaining the status quo pretty much as it is.

    What makes it even more difficult is the fact that we ALL tend to rationalise our view of reality to suit our own personal self-interests. It’s not just the Left which blinded by its own ideology.

    I have a red pill of my own, which I invite you to take: http://philosopherkin.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/political-implications-of-evolutionary.html

  3. Smarta**

    I still see whites as way too divided. Sooo many white women protesting Trump. It makes me sick! Especially the ones with the BLM posters. Makes me completely uninterested in defending them potentially. It is a fucking blow to my morale. No real in group preference. I know a lot of men feel this way. I know your not one of them.This is not directed at you.

  4. This one reflects my own experience so closely…except instead of a friend, I experienced these reactions with my wife an her whole family after November 8, 2016. So going through a very difficult period. But the truth is ultimately more important, and more satisfying, than keeping up appearances and living a lie.

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