Keep The Fakers Out

President Trump signed an executive order late Friday which temporarily bars refugees from entering the United States.

Trump signed the order on refugees while at the Pentagon, minutes after General James Mattis was sworn in as Secretary of Defense by Vice President Mike Pence at a brief ceremony which the president attended.

The executive order, “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals,” contained these key elements:

  • Suspended the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days, prohibiting the arrival of refugees into the United States from any country during that period Ordered the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security to undertake a complete review of the refugee vetting process

  • Permanently banned Syrian refugees until President Trump determined otherwise, and

  • Lowered the ceiling of refugees allowed to enter the United States during FY 2017 to 50,000.

Few people realize that in recent decades, up to 90% of all refugee seekers coming into the U.S. have been proven fraudulent cases. As someone who knows one case that wasn’t fraudulent, there are some that genuinely need refugee status. But if you’ve been watching the current waves of Islamic migrants flooding into Sweden and the rape epidemic there directly correlating with the amount of new economic migrants coming in, you would have to be an idiot to think that the two aren’t related. The problem has gotten so bad that the forever libtard Swedish police are barring women from confessing the ethnicity of their attackers for fear of “upsetting the migrants” or appearing politically incorrect.

Red flag!

And yes, I will continue to call them economic migrants and not refugees. The majority are men of military age. Can you imagine if we allowed male “refugees” of military age from Germany into the U.S. during the height of World War II? Because that’s what the libtards are asking for right now. To not judge Muslims collectively while we are currently at war with Islam. But it’s okay to judge Americans collectively for having concerns about allowing people through our borders from countries with a high rate of Islamic terror. 

Double think much?

Or maybe I’m one of the strange and rare people who remembers that horrifying image of the little girl lying dead in the street of Nice, France after being struck by a truck while enjoying the Bastille Day fireworks with her family.

This is yet another classic case of how the mainstream media lies to the American public. They will say that barring refugees is a horrible crime against humanity and not what America is about. Whilst not revealing how many cases are proven or suspected to be fraudulent. We’re made to feel guilty for not taking in every single Tom, Dick, and Harry who claims to be a refugee so they can come in and take advantage of the welfare state, which sadly most of them do. We’re paying for people who aren’t in danger to be here. We’re not a hotel!

At what point is it okay for Americans to say to the world, “We’ve done enough. Your turn.”


One thought on “Keep The Fakers Out

  1. Tony

    Sweetheart, we are ALREADY at that point. We The People don’t ANY refugees from ANYWHERE ANYMORE, period!!!! There should be a big fat sign at our borders saying “NO VACANCY!!”

    As for the libtards bitching about blaming one religion, which they claim as a race to show their incredible stupidity, is no different them them blaming ALL gun owners for a few whack-jobs that gun owners agree should never had a gun in their hands. But NOOOOOOOO. Just because a few idiots go out and start shooting people that means ALL gun owners are responsible and MORE laws need to be made while ignoring the ones on the books that the cities, counties and states refuse to enforce.

    As I mention the incredible stupidity of libtards before, when WE say “muslims” they ALWAYS think of middle easterns and instantly call logical thinking people racists and xenophobes. Apparently that ignorance doesn’t let them realize that muslims are not only middle eastern but also a majority of them in the US are black, some are white and some are asian. They are too stupid to realize that it’s ALL of them that hate our country and way of life all the while trying to come here, some to invade.

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