Treason in Britain

Those who willingly oppose the will of the British people should be held accountable for their treasonous acts.

The government must consult Parliament in order to invoke Article 50 and take Britain out of the European Union, the Supreme Court has ruled.

That means Parliament must take a vote on whether to invoke Article 50, which triggers the process to take Britain out of the EU, before Prime Minister Theresa May, can do so.

May had originally set a timetable to invoke Article 50 in March, but it remains to be seen whether that deadline will now be moved.

However, the judges ruled that the devolved parliaments in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast do not need to be consulted in order for the prime minister to proceed.

The Supreme Court decision was taken by a majority of eight judges, while three sided with the government.

Delivering the verdict, Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, said: “In broad terms, Article 50 provides that a country wishing to leave the EU must give a notice in accordance with its own constitutional requirements and that the EU treaties shall cease to apply to that country within two years.”

Noting that the ruling had no bearing on the decision to leave the EU, nor the timetable for such an event, Lord Neuberger said that the issue was only whether the government could trigger Article 50 without first consulting Parliament.

In that respect, the judges had found that “the government cannot trigger Article 50 without Parliament authorising that course”.

This is because “UK domestic law will change as a result of the UK ceasing to be party to the EU treaties and the rights enjoyed by UK residents granted through EU law will be affected.

“The fact that withdrawal from the EU would remove some existing domestic rights of UK residents also renders it impermissible for the Government to withdraw from the EU Treaties without prior Parliamentary authority.”

The ineptitude or unwillingness to follow through with the promise made to the British people in a timely manner may very well end up in chaos. I’m not British. I can’t say what the British people should do in this scenario. I only hope that those who are trying to stop the results of the Brexit vote from pushing through are be held accountable. That includes morons like Tony Blair who came back to politics for the purpose of subverting the democratic will of the British people.
The Brexit vote was over six months ago and has yet to be triggered. In a time when Muslims are trying to sneak into Britain by running through the tunnels of the Eurostar rail between France and Britain, drastic measures should be taken.

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