Trump Inauguration Protests

Can we all take a moment to breath a big heavy sigh of relief?

Phew! It’s over!

So far, God Emperor managed to ascend to the cherry blossom throne without any massive hiccups. And unlike the nutzo from the other night, no one to my knowledge has set themselves on fire. The commitment shown by monks during the Vietnam War protests doesn’t seem to be the preferred method of choice for demonstration from the anti-Trump snowflake lefties.

There have been reports from Cassandra Fairbanks on Twitter of some damage done to a Bank of America and Starbucks, as well as some car windows. Because destroying places of employment is very capitalist for the Antifas attending the protests.

But my favorite moment had to be from snowflake SJW celeb Jessica Chastain.

Chastain seems to have forgotten that half the women in the country are indeed Pro-Life, and the number of women who identify as a feminist is less than 20%. And getting smaller the more people discover that the feminist movement has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with superiority. There’s no gender pay gap. The CIA funded feminism to get more income tax from the population and to get women away from their children so they could get into those public school indoctrination factories quicker. The more women I can wake up to this fact, the better. And for the lefties who love to reference Hitler… one of the first things Hitler did was get women into the work force. All for the exact same reason. Even Lenin said “give me the schools.” He knew what feminists don’t. One generation of indoctrination and you can take the country by storm.

Not to mention that Hillary wanted to import 500x more Islamic economic migrants into the U.S. I refuse to call them refugees, because they’re predominantly males of fighting age and the hoaxing media does nothing but lie to the American people by saying they’re children. As though we can’t tell the difference.

What part about importing a culture that is worse than ours, respects women less, rapes young boys, throws acid in women’s faces, participates in honor killings, wants male and female segregation, and puts women in burkas sounds progressive to Chastain? I guess living in that big NY pad has guarded her from the realities smaller town folk would have to face if they were forced to deal with the beauties of multi-culturalism that Germany and Sweden enjoy today. Along with those rape epidemic statistics that are exactly in line with the number of migrants that pour into the countries. So much so, that Sweden has made it illegal for the rape victims to identify the ethnicity of their attacker. That’s what happens when you import a culture that has a custom called ‘the rape game.’

But keep thinking that Trump is gonna set back women’s right on issues most women already disagree with, Chastain. You and so many other celebs are only going to help God Emperor win again in 2020.