10 thoughts on “My appearance on Red Ice TV

  1. Gary Bradbury

    Greetings from the UK Bre, I thought your interview with Lana was great and as a man it was music to my ears to hear two white ladies with real brains and beauty discuss the state of affairs with certain things in our World in a straight forward no holds barred way. Like Lana you have a great voice for radio and I hope to hear you doing a lot more in the future.

    1. Smarta**

      Yea I found it shortly after my post here. I have already paid a visit as have some other Red Ice viewers. We challenged them if you care to paroles the comment section. The Latina chick deleted 2 comments I made to her. You may want to listen to this video I shared…….https://youtu.be/aR4MvD9IEAE

  2. Smarta**

    you may want to check out her latest video. She brings you up along with your deplorable horde of ignorant rayciss friends. Calls Lana ” some white chick”. lol

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