A dream lost or hopeless?

If you honestly think that the problems in U.S. black communities can be dumbed down to LBJ’s disastrous welfare policies, think again.

A suburban Chicago high school is taking the Obama education agenda all the way with new classes and seminars that teach kids that whites are committing “genocide” against blacks, that America is violating the “rights” of transgender Americans, that whites are suppressing the voting rights of blacks, and a long list of other far-left activist ideas.

New Trier Township High School is one of the Chicago area’s premier high schools in the tony suburb of Winnetka, a lake shore town north of Chicago. But, along with teaching math, science, English, and history, the school is launching into a major left-wing indoctrination project based on Obama’s agenda of liberal activism.

An exposé of the agenda by the Illinois Family Institute shows that “progressivism” is coming fast and furious at New Trier’s kids.

The list of classes and speakers for this new series is being called “a rather bold and raw effort at hard-left propaganda with decidedly anti-American, anti-free-market, anti-family, anti-parent, and bigoted biases on display.”

Some of the titles of these seminars and workshops are “Whose Civil Rights?: Transpeople of Color Navigating the U.S.,” “21st Century Voter Supression,” “Blackenomics 101 (The Movement, The Music, The Solution),” “Mass Incarceration: Race and Prison in America,” and “R.E.A.L.: Race, Equity, and Leadership – A Unique Course for High School Students.”

Revisionist history is also a major topic of this agenda and will include programs titled, “A People’s History of Chicago” and “Western Bias in Science.”

Even the smallest children will be targeted for Obama’s re-education project with a program being called, “Developing Empathy & Acceptance by Reading Picture Books to Children.”

As part of the “Blackenomics 101” program, a special rap song has been written which includes the lyrics, “Blackenomics nigga, Black beat black, nigga” and “Die motherf*cker die.”

This agenda, though, is not something isolated to one Chicago school; it is part and parcel to a huge program Barack Obama has forced onto schools all across the country.

There’s no question that blacks need better schools. That goes without saying. And there’s no question that Common Core has done disastrous things to public schooling. I would venture as far as to say that public schools in general are indoctrination factories. They breed left wing pro-establishment narratives of defiance that actually lead young people to believe that they’re fighting the establishment. When in reality, their doing the bidding of the establishment.

This level of indoctrination as a part of Obama’s re-education project (that doesn’t sound communist at all, does it?) clearly shows us that Obama has absolutely no desire to see race relations get better. In fact, he encourages discourse. He’s even been caught saying that he hates seeing whites in power. How Marxist of him.

What better way to create racial tensions than to teach young blacks in already run down inner cities that the object of their anger lies within a system that’s cheating them out of their well-deserved resources that were stolen by evil white men?

Blacks have now had a black president, a black attorney general, they dominate the music industry in hip hop and rap, and they also dominate sports. They get special treatment through diversity quotas and affirmative action. Yet, this narrative being taught to kids is setting them up for disaster. It teaches them that everything they don’t have is because of racist white people or a system that’s intentionally keeping them down. They bring up Civil Rights as though they’ve been taken away. They bring up racial ties to prisons and long sentences without mentioning that blacks overwhelmingly commit more crimes and get longer sentences because more often than not, they’re repeat offenders. And what the hell is Blackenomics? Who came up with that one?

The left and neocons don’t want blacks to succeed. The left and neocons don’t want the general public to know that the differences between the races are real, observable, and that human biodiversity will always make an egalitarian society impossible. The left and neocons don’t want blacks to think for themselves and get a job because rioting actually helps to dissolve the little remaining confidence people have in the police. The left and neocons don’t want Martin Luther King’s dream to succeed. It was a sweet dream. But it will never exist. In fact, it’s probably done more damage than anything else because it’s caused the U.S. to avoid the subject of human biodiversity in favor of Marxism for decades. And few people do enough research to realize that Martin Luther King was a complete socialist.

What progress have we truly made since 1965? Why are we celebrating Martin Luther King when as it turns out, the left only adopted his principles as a means of furthering a Marxist agenda rather than addressing human biodiversity in a way that could actually help the black community instead of causing more tribal strife that our grandchildren will suffer from?

I leave you with a speech that Jared Taylor gave while visiting Russia. Discussions such these tend to scare people because they shatter their hopes of Martin Luther King’s socialist utopia. But what if the racial tensions we’re experiencing exist because we don’t address what the real problem is? Stefan Molyneux once said that only 10% of the human population can have their opinion changed by reason and evidence. If you can’t get through Taylor’s entire speech without feeling a rising anger for his well studied and documented evidence, you’re not among that 10%.

Race realism is the toughest and most jagged red pill I’ve had to swallow. But once you do, there’s no going back. And the truth ain’t pretty.


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