Completely deluded or just plain dumb?

This is when you know a POTUS has reached their expiration date:

Thursday on Chicago’s ABC7 when asked by correspondent Judy Hsu if race relations have gotten better or worse during his tenure, President Barack Obama said “for the most part” they had gotten better.

Obama said “You know I think that in some ways, like everything else it’s gotten better and in some ways we have surfaced tensions that were already there but are getting more attention. Look, I came to Chicago in 1985, in the middle of Council Wars between Harold Washington and Eddie Vrdolyak. Some of your viewers are too young to remember this stuff. I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better.

I recall many saying that the reason why George Bush Sr. lost the U.S. presidential election to Bill Clinton was because he showcased how out of touch he was with the American people during the debates. And yet, these words came from a man that claimed only last week that he could have beaten Trump if he were permitted to run for President for a third term.

Let the leftists continue to spray paint “Fuck White People” on city statues and various people on the right continue to say “I don’t see color.” The last eight years have been one massive push for a race war.

More people have died in Chicago, the city Obama is from, than have died serving our military in Iraq. But Obama considers his presidency to be a success. I dare say he doesn’t set the bar very high. And he obviously hasn’t walked through the hood streets of Chicago in quite some time.


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