Ronda Rousey vs White Privilege Barking Idiots

Black Authority @TheBlackChannel
Rhonda Rousey was the MOST HYPED fighter in the UFC and by @YahooSports for YEARS. Yet lost in 48 secs. . THIS is what WHITE PRIVILEGE is
max gorilla mindset @LatherRinseRT
rousey is 2016 and nunes is 2017.. no. wait… okay, rousey is white privilege and nunes is intersectional feminism
TakeMobGeneral @TakeMobGeneralRT @mikaelherard:
The contender, Rousey gets $3 million for that loss while Nunes gets $200k with win bonus. #america#WhitePrivilege

For_The_Masses @For_The_Masses
Ronda Rousey got 3 million for 48 seconds of getting her ass whoop, and declined interviews. That’s the epitome of white privilege.

I’m no fan of Ronda Rousey. Quite frankly, her “do nothing bitch” speech made me think she was taking a jab at stay at home moms. Then she said she would rather die than lose a fight. Great attitude to show the youngsters! Her little speech on Ellen on how she needed to have her boyfriend’s babies to make sure her life had meaning after losing a fight made me cringe. I was thrilled to see her go down in her initial loss. She needed it. But once in a while she would dodge questions about the mythical gender pay gap, so points to her for that.

And yet, this irritates me to no end. Ronda Rousey, a woman that one might think would be a female role model for breaking that MMA ‘glass ceiling,’ is accused of having white privilege for losing a fight. Not winning. Losing.

Is she deluded by her own ego? Yes. Is she a bad role model? Yes. Did she throw temper tantrums when she lost? Yes. But I’m sorry, her skin color doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it. If she were brown, black, or purple, I would still be condemning her behavior.

She doesn’t like to lose. But she will still go down as one of the best female fighters in history. Also, one of the biggest divas. But white privilege? Fuck off and find something better to worry about.


The BookTube Blue Pillers

Even though I still film the occasional book review, I am no longer a part of and no longer wish to be associated with the forever blue pilled BookTube community.

The reaction to my diversity in books video was proof to me that the community would rather remain asleep and blue pilled. I presented them with a logical argument as to why their push for diversity is toxic, irrational, and potentially harmful. Most people who pursue social justice in the manner they wish it to exist end up dead in the government setups they wish to create, but those who don’t study the history of communism or Marxism are doomed to repeat it. They responded to my video by calling me a racist and tried to silence me by means of intimidation and online harassment. The most guilty of them being Victoria Schwab (V.E. Schwab) who is so blue pilled that there may not be hope. But unfortunately for me, I wasn’t aware of that at the time. No good deed goes unpunished. She proved unworthy. And I have no time for the unworthy.

I have no intention of trying to appease those who wish to remain asleep. I had a shocking number of people email me and who have kept in touch with me to express their gratitude for my video. That they agree with me and they see the patterns taking place that I pointed out. There was even an email from a woman who claimed she was scared because the U.S. is fighting to become just like the country her family had fought so hard to escape. Those are the people I care about. I care about the ones who are intrigued enough to give a listening ear. Not those who still deny the fact that calling every opposing opinion racist is exactly why Hillary Rotten Clinton lost the election.

But then again, don’t take my word for it. Let Stefan Molyneux do that. He’s better and far more eloquent than I could ever be. I was asleep unwillingly until he woke me up.