#CalExit lunacy

The “CalExit” leftists who want California to secede from the Union now that President-elect Donald J. Trump is preparing to take office have a tough history to face: no effort to divide California, or to secede from the United States, has ever succeeded.

As John Myers notes in the Los Angeles Times: “Since 1849, more than 200 efforts have imagined a political do-over to the idea of California as a single, sprawling American state. Every attempt has failed.”

The closest anyone has come would appear to be the effort to create the State of Jefferson, which is still ongoing in parts of Northern California. The initial push came in the early 1940s, but was cut short by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which united the state and the nation. More recently, several northern counties have seen efforts by residents to revive the Jefferson idea as a response to a Democrat-dominated state government that seems completely out of touch with the needs of the inland and rural parts of the Golden State.

One of the many arguments Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom’s Brexit movement made prior to his successful campaign for the UK to leave the European Union, was that Europe needs the UK more than the UK needs them. The EU is reliant on many of their trade deals.

California will never in a million years be the United Kingdom. They will never have their own flourishing and self-efficient economy. As it stands, California is somewhere between $848 billion and $1 trillion dollars in debt to the rest of the United States.

Immediately after Trump’s presidential victory #CalExit started trending on Twitter. Which leads one to wonder if the liberals in California are truly as dense as they portray themselves to be. Yet, they believe that they should dictate the election because of their left leaning population, largely to blame for President Ronald Reagan’s policies.

Prior to Reagan’s disastrous 1986 Path to Citizenship immigration reform bill, California was a red state. Any immigrant who came before 1982 could eventually get citizenship regardless of the fact that they committed a crime by coming to the U.S. in the first place. This not only set a precedent for future entitled generations to think that all illegals should be handled this way, but it also led to a national movement to eventually legalize all illegal immigrants. Of which it’s speculated to be over 30 million in the country as of 2016. If not more. For this reason, Reagan will always be a cuckservative in my eyes. Many view him as the highlight reel of true conservatism. But this reform bill is one of many reasons why California is nothing short of a shit hole. A black hole where everything goes in and nothing comes out. It’s a divide between the really rich and the really poor. It’s where our youth go to perish and live in filthy LA apartments that they can’t afford while having their labor extorted during their early 20’s because someone told them they were “too beautiful for X small town.”

Why do we call California the Golden State when it’s obviously not even a bronze state? But given their love of reality TV stars, maybe we should let them secede for the entertainment value. We can film it and watch the state tear itself apart. Hours of fun!



4 thoughts on “#CalExit lunacy

  1. Interesting! The UK used to be a group of kingdoms that became the countries and then the UK. It was as if tribalism was melting away. I wonder if there is a new tribalism arising.

    With the rise of the phrase, “POC”, we see an attempt to isolate white people as separate from everyone else. This is a part of the new separation of left from right. Which is far more than just politics. It will be interesting to see where it goes. What catches my attention is the alliances cross county borders, sexual preference, age, colour, etc. All of the usual modern tribal lines!

    Random thoughts!

    1. I sometimes wonder if tribalism is arising as well. I’m glad to see someone sees the isolation of white people going on as well. It will undoubtedly be an interesting next few decades, to be sure.

  2. The “CalExit” nonsense puts me in mind of Quebec separatism from a couple of decades back. The Quebecois had voted to leave the Dominion of Canada, and Ottawa was willing to see Quebec declare its independence…but Quebec demanded that transfer payments from Ottawa to Quebec should continue after the separation. When Ottawa said “Uh, no: if you’re independent, you’re independent,” the Quebecois decided to forget the whole thing!

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