Is identity for whites inevitable?

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is offering a course in the spring semester entitled “The Problem of Whiteness,” which aims to ask “what an ethical white identity entails, what it means to be #woke, and consider the journal Race Traitor’s motto, ‘treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.’”

The syllabus for the course, which will be offered by the University of Wisconsin’s African Cultural Studies department during the upcoming spring semester, claims that students will be asked to consider “what it really means to be white.”

In an interview with the online conservative campus watchdog site The College Fixthe course’s instructor explained that the course was designed to force white students to consider what it means to be white. “Whites rarely or never questioned what it is to be white,” Assistant Professor Damon Sajnani said. “So you go through life taking it for granted without ever questioning or critically interrogating it.”

Sajnani went on to claim that he wants his students to understand that race isn’t a biological or cultural construct, but rather a political and social construct. He claims that because of racial oppression, African-Americans are constantly forced to consider what it means to be black and whites typically don’t think what it means to be white.

Sajnani told The College Fix that he is a far-left instructor who views both the Republican and Democratic parties as instruments of the American right-wing.

And people wonder why there’s currently growing strength in the white nationalist movement…

This is why Trump won the election. The real swing vote in the U.S. isn’t any particular state. It’s white people. The same people who voted for Obama, some of them twice, are now being told that their whiteness is what’s wrong with society today.

Whites… who went to war and lost 620,000 young men to end slavery in the U.S. Civil War. Whites… who went to war and lost 100,000 young men in World War I in Europe. Whites… who went to war and lost 400,000 young men to stop Fascism. Whites… who ousted the British twice to make sure the American colonies remained free. Whites… who were enslaved alongside the blacks. But that’s not on the uni curriculum. Whites… who have given minorities beyond their fair share of generosity to atone for their ancestors sins. In other words, whites today are giving reparations to other ethnic groups that they’ve never harmed and fought and died for minorities who now hate them.

Their gratitude is overwhelming.

My question is… with the white birthrate dramatically on the decline, do the whites taking this course actually believe that once whites are a minority that this treatment will stop? That they’ll earn respect of other ethnic groups because they’re no longer a majority? That the growing hatred for whites will suddenly be healed? If you’re white, others won’t care if you feel for the plight of minorities. Your whiteness will make you complicit with the crimes of ancestors you have nothing to do with. If I recall correctly, the Nazis that the left love to refer to didn’t care if someone was only half Jewish.


11 thoughts on “Is identity for whites inevitable?

      1. The question was rhetorical on both counts. You remind me of a baseball player that committed an error in the field that let the opponent score a run, then came to bat and struck out. Like that same player you now give “pep talks” to those of us that have been playing well and hitting the ball all along. Then again maybe I’m not the demographic you’re looking for. Straight white male with 2 kids and a wife that has been demonized by people precisely like you my entire life. Forgive me but it will take more than a few blog entries to undo that.

      2. You might not be “the demographic you’re looking for,” but you appear to be a member of another demographic: the “everything is about me” demographic. Miss Faucheux didn’t address her column to you by name, nor did she say anything derogatory about “straight white male[s] with 2 kids and a wife.” Why, then, did you react as if she called you out by name as a villain and a betrayer?

      3. Because if it’s going to be put right there will be bloodshed. Bre is from a liberal progressive background and has helped enable the situation we’re in. She has recently awakened to reality. It won’t be her doing the fighting! It will be me…..again! ( combat veteran) IT Will TAKE MORE THAN A FEW SNOWFLAKE BLOGS TO UNDUE THE LAST HALF CENTURY OF DAMAGE!!!! Now BTFO and stop white knighting for her.

      4. You are entirely too angry and self-absorbed for your own good. You chose to attack Miss Faucheux — someone who openly admits to having made an intellectual and emotional transition of considerable difficulty — as if she had attacked and offended you, yet you tell me to BTFO? My advice to you is to develop a little maturity and a lot more humility. You could use both. Merry Christmas.

      5. I expect to find Bre and you on the wall beside me when the fighting starts. If not then why would I care about a “difficult journey ” to awareness? I know what’s coming. I turned 21 in Iraq. I’m ready…r u ?

      6. If you don’t like me, don’t read or watch me. Why are you wasting your time? Some of the greatest fighters for the right were former liberals. And I do not care in the slightest what you think of me. Seriously. Not one fuck will be given about your opinion of me. You already discredited yourself by going off when I did nothing more than answer your question.

  1. Not only is the renascence of a “white identity” inevitable, it’s urgently needed — and I pray it’s not already too late. When some racial and ethnic groups form identity blocs to maneuver for social, economic, and political power, all the others are forced into the game. Survival dictates it.

    American whites haven’t done this until very recently, mainly because we were propagandized (and intimidated when the propaganda proved ineffective) very effectively by those who stood to profit from our subjugation. That time is behind us.

    Alexander Hamilton, when asked by some other Founder why he didn’t trust “the people,” replied “The people, sir, are a great beast!” To persuade us of that — i.e., of our unruliness and unfitness to rule our own affairs without interference — has been a major goal of would-be tyrants and exploiters for centuries. But with the pendulum’s backswing, that “beast” — American whites — is discovering that it is, in fact, a great people.

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