Gun free zones are kill zones

The family of late pop singer Christina Grimmie has filed a lawsuit against the “gun-free” concert venue in which she was shot and killed on June 10, 2016.

A former contestant on reality singing competition The Voice, Grimmie was killed by Kevin James Loibl in the Plaza Live Theater as she signed autographs after performing. Loibl took his own life thereafter and two Glock 9mm handguns were found on his person.

According to ABC News, the Grimmie family’s suit alleges the theater had “negligent security.”

“The owners of the facility in which she performed and the outside security company hired to provide security for the concert … failed to take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of the performers and the attendees at the concert venue,” the suit alleges.

On June 11, the Crime Prevention Research Center reported that the theater was a designated “gun-free” zone. Breitbart News previously reported that Loibl passed a background check for his firearms. Police investigating the attack said Loibl not only passed a background check for his guns but did not pick them up until after completing a waiting period required by Florida law.

“We are hopeful that our lawsuit will bring widespread attention to the issue of concert security and safety and more effective safeguards will be implemented to protect performers and attendees at concerts around the U.S. in the future,” the family wrote in the suit.

I’m just glad to hear that they’re not blaming the gun company or gun laws. Any venue that’s proudly anti-gun or a gun free zone should be sued if those inside the venue can’t protect themselves or be protected.

Gun free zones are nothing more than death traps. A bunch of sheep grazing where wolves are expected to stay clear but are openly invited… as long as they promise to play nice.

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