I am a white advocate

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. For I have been touched by temptation.

I’ve been listening to leaders of the Alt-Right via talk radio and YouTube for the last several months. Not the trolls on Twitter, but the actual leaders who identify as Alt-Right. While I don’t currently identify as Alt-Right, I do find many of their grievances valid. Then they start talking about the Jews and they totally lose me. Maybe I’m a cliche, but that’s the one red pill I’m not willing to swallow because I have too many Jewish friends that I adore to pieces.

There. I said it. It’s no secret.

While listening to a talk by Jared Taylor, he said in a video that he didn’t approve of the label Alt-Right. He preferred ‘white advocate.’ I thought this was as poetic as it was smart.

Several months ago, I started listening to Stefan Molyneux. Stefan introduced me to all sorts of people with a wide range of ideas. He interviewed Jared Taylor, Vox Day, Duke Pesta, and countless others that I found endlessly fascinating. I started listening to others that he talked to such as Paul Joseph Watson. Then Paul introduced me to Steven Crowder. I started reading Vox Day’s blog. Then one of my subscribers told me to start listening to Millennial Woes, so I checked out his channel. Then I heard Millennial Woes do a talk with Richard Spencer and I was introduced to even more ideas I had never heard before. Ones that rang true and were backed by tons of evidence, intelligence, and thought provoking  concepts that I had quietly suspicioned, but never knew had a following.

I learned about how the demographics of my country were starting to change in a very bad way. Before the Kennedy immigration bill in the 1960s, the U.S. was a predominantly white European country. After this bill, the U.S. experienced a flood of immigration from third world countries and practically cut off all immigration from Europe. Why? Because people from these third world countries tend to vote left. Also because they provide cheaper labor. Great combination for the big government leftists and neocons.

When I brought this up to friends, they didn’t seem concerned about it. One even said she wouldn’t mind if the first language in the U.S. became Spanish. Having listened to these gentlemen on YouTube for quite some time, I found this rather unsettling. Because unlike my friend, I started to realize that if my country changed in this way, the foundations of it would be irrevocably changed as well. But saying this out loud would undoubtedly make me a racist. Because Marxism would have us believe that all cultures are equal regardless of their practices or beliefs. And wanting to preserve your country’s heritage is downright heretical.

I started to notice another trend. This word “diversity” was being pushed everywhere I looked, even in the BookTube community and publishing industry that I now despise. Given that I had this newfound knowledge of the Kennedy immigration bill and certain powers in our government deliberately trying to change the demographics of my country in order to obtain votes, I knew that something was wrong. People from third world countries don’t share our values. There’s no magic dirt that makes them adopt the U.S. constitutional ideals of individual freedom, traditionalism, or Capitalism the second they cross the border. Most of them come from countries that have never had a concept of small government and like the idea of the government taking care of them. Which is probably why the majority of them (particularly illegals) are on welfare. This word “diversity” meant only one thing. Fewer white people. And we were told by assholes like Joe Biden that it was good for us. If not enriching to our culture.

Wrong. So wrong.

It was a deliberate attempt to make white people a minority. And it’s only ever pushed on nations that have a majority white population.

I started listening to various news outlets about the migrant crisis. The rising rape epidemic in Sweden and Germany. The fact that whites in Germany and Sweden and now France are being displaced in favor of migrants in their own homeland. Then they were told that it was good for them. The rising crime from their government’s own statistics said that this multi-culturalism garbage was destroying their nation, but such things were made almost illegal to even discuss. These people couldn’t protect themselves and they couldn’t speak out against being invaded by foreigners that had no respect for their culture or even the desire to assimilate. Women in Sweden aren’t even permitted to name the ethnicity of their attacker because the Arab rape epidemic is so high.

Well, I chose to discuss it. I chose to make a video pertaining to the issue of “diversity” in books. The aim of the video was to say that pushing for diversity in places that were creative and of the art realm is completely wrong and that authors could do no right. If they included diverse characters but didn’t portray another race or ethnicity in a perfect way that matches other’s idea of what that race is, they’re racist. If they have a cast of all white characters, they’re even more racist. I noticed an author named Victoria Schwab experienced an attack of this nature. I felt bad for her. I wanted to make it right and let her know that she didn’t have to apologize to anyone for the fact that she was white and that identity politics shouldn’t play a role in the creative process unless an author wants it to. It should never be forced on them by means of intimidation. Not to mention that those who push for more “diversity” do so in ways that are in fact intimidation and downright vicious.

Well, apparently Victoria thought she had something to apologize for. She even said that as a white author, she had erred. I can’t even imagine that feeling. To not only be ashamed of being white, but also feeling as though you should have to apologize for it playing a role in the creative process. It was disgusting to see. And the fact that she continued to do so after I released the video and claimed that I was in the wrong only made me more aware. More of an identitarian. More of a white advocate. And more determined to wake up other whites to the danger of becoming a minority in their own country.

Japan has a mostly Japanese population. Israel has a mostly Jewish population. Nigeria has a mostly Nigerian population. China has a mostly Chinese population. Brazil has a mostly Brazilian population. Russia has a mostly Russian population. Thailand has a mostly Thai population. But countries of white European origin are always told that they need more diversity. That they’re lacking in some way. That the minorities in their country are being oppressed and whites are too selfish to share in any of their power. I have some tough news to break to the lefties out there. Whether they like it or not, the U.S. was created by Europeans for Europeans. We are not a nation of immigrants. This concept came about in a play in the 1910’s and wasn’t even written by an American. The first settlers in this country would look at you with amusement if you tried conveying the idea of an immigrant to them and that their colonies needed more “diversity.”

The left always makes the argument that we stole this land from the Native Americans. But here’s the real kicker. The Native Americans were already killing one another before we got here. They were also living in the stone age. To say that we committed genocide against them completely shits on Indians. For a culture that hadn’t even invented the wheel, they were our best adversaries in human history. It took us centuries to defeat them. And when we did, 40% of them assimilated into white culture.

Europeans were never the first to conquer other nations. Ethnicities and races with better technology have always done this to one another. Was it awful? Yes. But it happened and I’m sure as hell not going to take blame or give into grievance culture because of what people did centuries or even sixty years ago. I’m not them. I’m not responsible by mere happenstance of being born white.

Then the left always moves onto the slaves. Whites weren’t owed this land because it was built on the backs of slaves. Here’s another kicker for you. Over 25% of free blacks owned slaves. 4% of whites owned slaves (most of them Jewish in origin and every single one a democrat), the Irish were enslaved right alongside the blacks for a cheaper price because they were considered more expendable, and whites were often treated just as bad through indentured servitude, which is a form of slavery. Oh, and the first slave owner in the U.S. was a black man. I know, facts suck, right?

Everyone took part in slavery. Whites didn’t start it. They ended it. We sacrificed over 600,000+ men to end it. We got a clean slate after 1865. Were there still racial tensions that needed to be addressed? Yes. Absolutely. But the left can thank their democratic party for that because it was them who denied blacks Civil Rights after the war when the Republicans tried to push it through the government the first time. Yes, there was an attempt to give blacks citizenship and the right to vote directly after the war. I’ll bet most don’t know that.

These two things are often called greatest stains on American history. The Native Americans and slavery. Were they both terrible, yes. Was everyone equally at fault, yes. Anyone who denies that is denying history as a whole and therefore has no place in the realm of ideas. To deny facts is to say you have no right to debate.

Why did I go into all that? Because these are the weapons the left uses to try convincing whites of European origin in the U.S. that we have no right to our own country and therefore no right to dictate how immigration reform should be directed. I’m going to go ahead and say screw that.

I’m a white advocate because I realize that my own race is under direct threat. Is it a physical threat like a genocide where people are thrown into ovens? Not exactly. It’s much slower and methodical than that. We’re being overrun by populations that have a higher birthrate than us. Not just people from Latin countries, but also from Arab ones. People from third world countries tend to have more children regardless of the economic cost. White people tend to have as many as they can afford. If you’re offended by that fact, well…to be honest I really don’t care.

It was white Europeans who founded this country and made it into the wonderful nation it is today. Did people from other countries contribute? Of course! No one I can think of denies that. But it was mostly whites of European origin. Sorry not sorry. If we begin to lose whites as a majority in this country (which government statistics show could happen as soon as 2042), it will become another country. A third world country. Because many immigrants from third world countries don’t assimilate. Our founding fathers knew this, which was why so many had a disdain for the Pennsylvania Dutch, who we now call the Amish. And guess what, they still haven’t really assimilated.

Our founding fathers knew that when you change the demographics of a country, you inevitably change the entire country. There’s no such thing as magic dirt. There’s no magic spell that will make immigrants or migrants want to adopt American values. And as I mentioned in a previous post, if you think that those from Latin countries hold equal status in cultural norms and values with the U.S., try Googling Mexico’s age of consent.

Whites are under attack in Europe as well as in the U.S. We’re being made a minority in our own nations and told that it’s good for us. Can you imagine someone telling the Russians or the Chinese that being a minority in their own country is good for them? Maybe that’s the reason why HRC doesn’t like Putin. He protects the identity of the white Russian people and doesn’t import third world migrants for the sake of “cultural enrichment.” He recognizes the danger.

If we identify this as a problem, we’re called white supremacists, racists, bigots, toothless rednecks and Nazis. Every other culture or ethnicity I can think of takes pride in their origin, as they should. Whites are not allowed this luxury. They’re not even allowed to have their own country or ethnic-nation without criticism.

Well, fuck the left, and fuck their attack on what made the U.S. the most free country in the world. Europeans.

I love my race. I value my heritage. I have been given no choice but to take pride in my cultural history and ethnic identity, which is rich with legend, lore, the Renaissance, the Reformation, and so much more. The left plays the game of identity politics constantly as a means of demeaning whites into submission. And they’re good at it. Whites tend to pay up when you make them feel guilty, which is why the Catholic church has such a great monopoly on guilt.

However, I refuse to feel any guilt. I will never accept this bullshit concept of white privilege when minorities in the country were given rights back in the 1960’s along with countless acts for their grievances. The U.S. is a country where if you work hard enough, you can succeed. And I won’t let anyone convince me that they’re being oppressed in the U.S. while there’s real oppression going on in the world such as women being forced to wear burkas in the scorching heat of the Middle East. So don’t even bother trying.

Am I Alt-Right? I honestly don’t know. But this is one of the key issues that the Alt-Right has. They’re pro-white. Not because they want supremacy and to rule over all other races. or to kick other races out. But because they recognize that the white race is under attack. It’s not an obvious one, but once you see it, it’s difficult to unsee. And without the white race as a majority in the U.S., the country will become less and less free. Because when you replace the majority of the country with a growing minority that doesn’t share their same Christian values and a core appreciation of small government and individual freedom, you will replace them with less tolerant people. And if whites are so terrible and intolerant, why is everyone and their cousin trying to get through the U.S. border in hopes of something better?

I am a white advocate. No, I don’t care how anyone feels about it.

2 thoughts on “I am a white advocate

  1. You’re smart not to buy into the Jew-blaming. Not because it’s a “red pill”, a hilarious way to describe the normal state of affairs in Europe for over 1500 years. (“Why were the crops flooded this year? The Jews!”)

    But rather, it’s a certain path to doom and destruction.

    See, it leads to bad decisions that end up harming far more than just Jews. For instance, all of Europe and to some extent the US largely supported Hitler. They had no problems with his plans against the Jews. They hated them too, but simply didn’t have the initiative to do anything themselves. They thought Hitler would take care of their problem for them.

    Well, he had an awful lot of success in that area. But he was also successful in “taking care” of 55 million whites, most of them European, as well. As well as decimating Germany, destroying large portions of Europe, and starting the large-scale decline of white Western civilization that continues to this day.

    Notice too that among the modern European countries, France and Sweden hate Jews and Israel the most. They have passed endless sanctions against Israel and their politicians decry the evil of Jews at every opportunity. Jews have virtually no positions of power or influence in either country.

    Those are also the two countries being invaded the worst by Death Cult jihadis. Coincidence?

  2. With your kind permission, a reply:

    “4% of whites owned slaves & most were jewish”?!? The South was owned & populated by Jews, Steven Spielberg’ s ancestor owned Morgan Freemans?! Very odd piece of data, but don’t worry, odd is cool! 🙂

    Your ideas are interesting insight, i have to say. Truth is they belong to Roman Law, not Modern Law. Modern Law was, in practice, started by your founding fathers, & has barely started, even in the West. In Roman Law everything will be fine as long as reason prevails. So you can argue for/against white race all you like, all the time, until you reach a fair Law. In Modern Law life’s dismal, there are no solutions, you follow a pre-set, usually unfair, Law; & you absolutely can’t argue, ever. In Roman Law you act spacially, so you can divide people – literally – into classes. In Modern Law you can Timewise so the most you can do is partition by date.

    These ideas have also been discussed – frantically, philosophically – since the renaissance, as it was noted – your founding fathers included – that everything changes over history. Everything, to the deepest point, has shifted & will keep shifting. We are helpless to stop it. The conclusion is that a country – like the U.S.A. – are not a place but a time. Not a place that you can orderly fill with whoever you like but a time filled by people that disorderly had access to it. It wasn’t Magnificent White Europeans travelling to build an Utopia after sharing a cup of tea by the sea but persecuted english who had no choice but to flee their land, desperate people & that despair is reflected in your amazing constitution, Bre. So as you have noted, in a panic, the U.S.A. – as you’ve known it-‘s time is up. But so will be Russia’s, China’s, Nigerias’, etc… All the nations you mentioned will shift, at various levels, don’t worry about it. There won’t be 1,000 years of Han Supremacy in China just like there weren’t 1,000 years of Nazi or Communist one. Time makes the race, not the reverse.

    Demographically, i’ve just finished a book on it – by my uncle, who is a lead specialist – & the conclusions are the same. Everything will keep changing: on a first approach age groups, income, occupation, population density, development, fertility, life span, etc..; on a second, deeper approach, the very structure: the notion of race, of Woman/Man, of Age, of development, of fertility, etc… Just like the Vikings went from Third to First World so did the Koreans in the past 50 years (literally, the koreans as a people have grown, physically, more than anyone else) & so will Africa, Asia, Arabia (who were First World 1,000 years ago), etc…

    As for correct policy, White as a notion will shift so at best i’d say White Advocacy will be useful in the (very) short term. So make it count, Bre!! 🙂 Modern genetics’ progress & Whiteness don’t go together, not to mention space exploration or anything modern. I am so thankful, though, you didn’t go after your jewish friends; because the inevitable consequence of Roman Law is, obviously, throwing people who don’t share your reasoning to the lions. You can’t escape its violent end & that’s why Roman Law is being replaced by Modern one.

    Comedy: So Scarlett O’Hara was in reality Tzipi Ben Yakob; Rhett Butler none other than Schlomo Tal Yitzak & Ashley Wilkes Yakob Ben Sharon. “Gone with the Wind” references or, its original name “Sabath at the Wailing Wall”. One more: Alabama’s real name “Kippah Land” & Nashville “Bagel City”.

    Thank you for your attention.

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