Hollywood doubles down

We didn’t care what these thoughtless, cowed, leftist zombies for the state thought of we little American plebs before the election, and we certainly don’t care now.

I knew that Hollywood would double down after their candidate lost. I called them on it in my Celebrity Dickbag Awards video. But this is further proof that they will stop at nothing to subvert our Constitutional Republic. Notice how I didn’t say democracy?

The popular vote has never decided an election. Obama had less experience than Trump. The electoral college wasn’t created to determine who becomes president by merit. It was created to determine who becomes president by how each individual county and state votes, regardless of how the electors feel about the candidate personally. These idiot celebrities who are doing the bidding of globalist elites want the House to decide the president because it’s occupied by democrats.

No wonder they disabled the comments for the video. Their egos just couldn’t handle our indifference to their plight anymore.

Shut up celebrity dickbags. God-emperor will look after you.

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