Conservative women under fire

I received a comment on a former video of mine that didn’t sit well with me. Not because it was from someone who disagreed with me, but because it made it even more apparent to me the level of misinformation that our youth is experiencing in our god-awful cultural Marxist U.S. education system.

The comment was long, but the one sentence that stuck out to me was “Women for Trump = Trees for deforestation.”

This implies that women who want Trump in office are women who don’t value themselves, their gender, or women’s rights. HRC is the female champion and women who do vote Trump are misogynistic, etc. Aka: the gender card. (I refer to these voters as pussy voters. They like the PUSSY).

The democrats have mysteriously had a monopoly on women’s rights for decades. Not because they’ve ever been champions for women’s rights. Quite the opposite. They saw what they could gain from exploiting them.

Few realize that the Republicans were the true champions of the 19th amendment. They supported women’s right to vote since 1854. President Ulysses S. Grant gained women’s right to vote in Wyoming in 1869. A similar act was attempted in California, but the democrats defeated it. By 1918, several states passed laws allowing women to vote. In the end, the Republicans won women’s suffrage with a vote of 304-89. 91% of Republicans voted for it and the other Democrats who did probably had angry wives at home who wouldn’t give them any action if they didn’t. I’m guessing…

Democrats always use the argument of conservatives attacking Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to abortion. Any conservative with a knowledge of history knows the truth behind Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, its founder, created Planned Parenthood as a means of using eugenics to get rid of the black race and other unwanted minorities. Abortion has never been about women’s rights and never will be. It’s solely for the purpose of keeping minority birth rates in check by giving them easy access to abortions. Therefore blacks could never become a powerful force in America. This is why the majority of Planned Parenthood centers are in the poorest zip codes in the U.S.

Then moving onto feminism. Feminism was funded by the C.I.A. not because women’s rights was something they believed in. It was because they knew if women joined the work force, they could get income tax from an additional half of the population. That was more money flowing into the system. A system of bigger government leaning toward socialism. It would help rip apart the nuclear family. Women wouldn’t stay at home with the kids anymore because they would be “liberated” and their children could get into school faster leading to more indoctrination into cultural Marxist theories. Studies have overwhelmingly shown that women have been made increasingly unhappier each decade since women’s liberation. Believe it or not, most women in their mid-thirties don’t find being a corporate slave very satisfying. Meanwhile, women at home with their children find life very satisfying. And which party pushes women into the work force? Democrats.

Just for fun I’ll add in the fact that one of the very first things Hitler did in the Third Reich was get women into the work force so they could bring more tax revenue for their socialist system. Democrats love to bring up Hitler, so there’s that.

Granted just these few tidbits of history, I don’t really understand why liberals seem to believe that a vote for Trump equates to voting against women’s rights. The democrats are bringing in people from third world countries that have absolutely no respect for women or their rights, and they’re beginning to replace those who do in large numbers.

Immigration from third world countries is the biggest threat to American woman at this point in time. And that’s the one thing I want Trump to fix. Anyone who wants to tell me that Latin cultures respect women, I dare you to Google Mexico’s age of consent. Prepare to be shocked.

I didn’t reply to this comment on the video because quite frankly, comment battles bore me to death. They don’t achieve anything. I’m not going to convince this person of my opinion. She won’t convince me of hers. But her comment being there I’m sure makes her feel like she righted a wrong or got her opinion out there. It’s welcome to stay. Because I want others to know that liberals think this way. That they believe any woman who votes Republican doesn’t have women’s best interests at heart. Meanwhile, HRC wanted to bring in thousands of migrants from Arab countries that not only don’t respect women’s rights, but participate in honor killings, rape epidemics, throwing acid in women’s faces, zero marriage rights for women, and the practice of wearing 100% black polyester burkas in the scorching heat as a form of submission.

By the way, Hitler LOVED Islam. Once again for the liberals who always like to reference Hitler.

Trump is a god send for American women. Or at least he will be if he fixes immigration. I’m going to hold him to that standard. If he doesn’t succeed, I will consider him a failure and I will criticize him. But until that time, I remain hopeful.


2 thoughts on “Conservative women under fire

  1. Kem

    The same Hitler who said that Muslims are an inferior race, the same Hitler who said that Muslims have neither culture nor art and pillaged their heritage from other civilizations, the same Hitler who said Muslims are a decadent people composed of cripples?

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