D-Day vs the Feminazi

img_4802Call it feminism. Call it diversity. Call it gender equality.

I’m gonna call it what it is. Fucking sick.

Women should have been on the battlefield of D-day? Does Hernandez have a problem with Steven Spielberg’s direction of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and his casting choices? Maybe I have a problem with the potential of film directors to blatantly ignore historical fact and put women in a combat scene where there were none. This dishonors the men that were there and who died in battle.

There have been countless studies done on women in the military. While there are some who serve our country in ways that are remarkable and I commend them, I find the claim that women should have been on the battlefield of Normandy completely disgusting. What kind of culture asks its women to take to the battlefield? In the words of Milo Yiannopolous, it’s ‘societal suicide.’ The studies have overwhelmingly shown that women under perform on the front lines and in training. It destroys morale, they end up having to be protected, it distracts the men, the PTSD hits women harder, and the generals who are pushing it forward have generally never seen combat. The Marine Corp. put sensors on a whole unit of women and men in a 90 day exercise. Women drastically under performed.

If it’s between a military that operates or a military that panders to femi-nazi SJW idiots, I’ll take those the SJWs call misogynists. Is the U.S. ready for women to come back with legs blown off? Or with half their face melted from a grenade?

Soldiers need to be focused. Soldiers need to kill without remorse. Soldiers need to come back from battle and be able to acclimate to living normal lives again.

The one place where the SJW narrative should be shunned is the military. Gamergate +1. Military 0.

If you needed more proof that feminism is cancer, you just got it.

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