HuffPo learns absolutely nothing

Hillary Clinton’s top aides would like the world to know they are morally superior to Donald Trump and his staff, who ran an ugly campaign courting white nationalists. The Clinton team is right. And it doesn’t matter.

Liberals will believe to the VERY end that they have the moral high ground without giving sufficient reason as to why. Except that everyone else is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.

At a vicious Harvard University post-mortem seminar on the 2016 election, top staffers for Clinton excoriated Team Trump for running a campaign that catered to white nationalists. “If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost,” Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri declared. “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.”

This goes back to the root of why the Democrats lost. Calling people white supremacists because they disagree with you isn’t a good tactic for a winning play. I can’t think of a single situation throughout my whole life where someone calling me a name helped me to see things their way. Trump got more votes from minority groups than any other Republican candidate in the history of U.S. presidential elections. But this fact is ignored like a dutiful commitment to the SJW narrative.

There are three possible choices to be made in the logical universe in which a political party is running a fascist campaign. People can 1) join the fascists, 2) lose to the fascists or 3) defeat the fascists. The Clinton campaign wants credit for not choosing door No. 1. Their job was to make option three a reality. History will remember them for number two.

Nazi = National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party. Everything about fascism and the Nazis screams left wing socialism. I don’t care what Google told you because it’s run by left wingers.

Hitler put into place a socialized healthcare system. He forced women into the workforce for the increased taxes that could be collected and claimed it was their duty to serve the state and get their children into school faster for indoctrination purposes. Just like Lenin did. (*cough cough* Feminism *cough cough*) Hitler was by definition, a liberal socialist. There wasn’t a single policy that he implemented that was in line with conservatism. So every time some moron tells you that the right is the home of fascism, smack them. Not that it will help. But it will make you feel better.

For more information, watch this brilliant video by Steven Crowder.

Clinton ran against the single most unpopular candidate in the history of American presidential polling, and lost.

Obviously Trump wasn’t as unpopular as you might want to believe. It wasn’t until the week of the election that the liberals in the mainstream media started realizing that the people of America REALLY don’t like HRC.

Was this because Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee?

Oh, for the love of god! More Russiaphobia? This has been disproven time and time again!

Because FBI Director James Comey recklessly interfered?

You mean by doing his job as FBI Director? If doing your job is reckless, I hereby proclaim HuffPo ‘journalists’ as reckless. But we already knew that.

Because a tiny fraction of the electorate voted for Jill Stein?

That’s probably because they didn’t like either candidate.

Because Clinton didn’t really bother to campaign in the Rust Belt? Why, yes! In an election decided by 110,000 votes, just about every factor can be considered decisive.

Which is why Trump held rallies in states where he could get more electoral college votes. Because that’s how the Constitution works.

But Clintonia’s (persuasive) defense of its own righteousness helps explain why the election was close to begin with. Trump ran a deeply bigoted campaign that whipped up and played off of white resentment. But his dominant performance among white working-class voters wasn’t due to his campaign message alone. Much of Clinton’s poor performance resulted from her campaign’s strategic decision to not even contest the demographic. A good chunk of the Democratic Party intelligentsia applauded Clinton for taking the moral high ground, declaring the entire white working class to be a deplorable racist swamp. The notion that economic issues played literally no role ― zero ― in Trump’s appeal became a common Democratic talking point. Democrats were Good People, and anyone even considering voting for Trump was a Bad Person.

Once again, this is why you lost. White people are racist. White people are deplorable. White people wanted revenge. White people are the devil. White people should die. White people………….. don’t like being told that they’re morally bad or inferior because they disagree with left wing narratives that have been shoved down their throats for the last few decades.

There is no need to pretend the white working class is a monolith of moral excellence. Many working-class people, like many middle- and upper-class people, are bigoted, hostile to all kinds of people and lifestyles. But the job of a presidential candidate is to appeal to our better angels and win votes anyway.


Demean white people, check. Demean western civilization, check. Cultural Marxist agenda, check!

You did this to yourself, left wingers. And the second you try blaming others (like you always do, particularly white people), is the second you bring MORE votes over the GOP. So keep it coming. We’ll keep hating you. We’ll keep informing others of your corruption. And we’ll keep winning.

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  1. — Liberals will believe to the VERY end that they have the moral high ground without giving sufficient reason as to why. —

    This is the motive power of American left-liberalism. It’s not just a campaign tactic; left-liberals genuinely believe in their “differential rectitude” (Thomas Sowell) over the rest of us. (Cf. The Stupid-or-Evil trilogy.) That’s their justification for demanding power over us. It’s also why it’s so hard to wean a left-liberal away from left-liberalism: that would require them to reconstruct their moral universe, and with it, their conception of themselves.

    Ultimately, left-liberalism is a cognitive-emotional disorder. It cannot be cured by political means. Whether it can be cured at all is open to question.

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