Andrew Lloyd Webber goes full SJW

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has said British theatre is “hideously white” and will not survive unless more resources are funneled to black and Asian drama students and performers.

“Hideously white?” I would like to name all the ways in which you’re hideously racist against your own race, Lloyd Webber.

The musical theatre composer, who has won three Grammys and created noted shows including Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, was writing in a new “diversity report” looking at reducing the proportion of white people in the performing arts.

And to think that Phantom of the Opera was a favorite of mine for so long. I wonder if the most recent film adaptation made him angry. It was mostly white. Granted that it was set in 19th century Paris.

If this article said that Lloyd Webber was seeking to minimize the proportion of black people in the performing arts, there would be outrage.

According to The Stage, he commented: “I passionately believe that the stage needs to reflect the diversity of the UK population or it risks becoming sidelined.”

The report – The Pipeline of BAME [black and minority ethnic] Talent” – was written by Centre Stage and commissioned by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

Centre Stage claimed that non-white students at drama school feel isolated among predominantly white students.

Maybe the non-white students feel isolated because university taught them that they are their race and they don’t possess other qualities. Just a suspicion…

Their report calls for drama schools to make 50 per cent of places accessible to “low-income students”, for extra online resources for non-white students, and for funding bodies to include diversity as a “key criterion” when awarding money.

Meaning you could have all the talent in the world, but it won’t matter soon. Your family’s income is what will gain you access to the program. What if you’re white and low income? Oh, wait. That doesn’t count does it? Bernie Sanders seems to believe that if you’re white, you don’t know what it means to be poor. Even though the U.S. cities with the lowest incomes and highest rate of homelessness have the largest demographic of whites. (I realize that this article is about the U.K., but I have a suspicion that the numbers are probably similar).

There are also calls for producers, directors, and others to “take a lead in encouraging a more culturally diverse workforce”, with “colour blind” casting and more plays by non-white writers.

If Lloyd Webber was color blind to start with, he wouldn’t be seeing whites as “hideously white” to start with. Noticing a pattern here?

The report warns: “If the situation continues, there is real danger that, not only will as a profession, they will stay away as punters. And without them in the audience, theatres will become unsustainable, as they are forced to compete for a dwindling ageing, white, middle-class audience.”

I guess there’s no such thing as enjoying the theater for the story telling or entertainment value anymore. It’s all about skin color and if minorities in the audience see a direct reflection of themselves up on stage. Because people can only relate to a character if they see their own skin color under the stage lights. Let’s face it, characters in stories don’t have other traits or qualities outside of their skin color. *::headdesk::*

The report’s authors, Danuta Kean and Mel Larsen, claimed that “white middle classes still dominate audiences” and that “even in London, where the BAME population is now 44 per cent, audiences outside specialist theatres and theatre groups remain overwhelmingly white”.

U.S. basketball and U.S. football is predominantly black players. I still love watching the games. WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!!!

Lord Lloyd Webber is now urging “arts sector bodies, drama schools, theatre producers, actors, creative teams and philanthropists to take responsibility and specific action”.


The purge has begun. And people in my diversity video had the nerve to tell me white racism doesn’t exist. If this was said about the blacks in the performing arts, or Asians, or any other minority group, there would be outrage. But the last form of acceptable racism in this world is against white people. If you think otherwise, you’re not colorblind. You just don’t have a brain.

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