When feminists turn on each other

The Intergroup Relations Program at UCLA held a dinner with students to address and discuss their concern that feminism has ties to white supremacy.

According to The Daily Bruin, the student newspaper of UCLA, students decried the lack of “intersectionality” in mainstream feminism. For the uninitiated, intersectional feminism is defined by a 1989 textbook incorporating the diverse plight of women across different demographic backgrounds.

The view that women experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity. Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated, but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity.

The Daily Bruin spoke with several students who attended the event, including Celia Cody-Carrese, an intern with Intergroup Relations Program. She spoke specifically of her concerns that feminism has ties to white supremacy, arguing that the word “feminism” typically conjures up images of white women.

Cody-Carrese said the organizers chose white feminism as the topic of Wednesday’s event because they think feminism has traditional ties with white supremacies. The organizers wanted to give students the opportunity to discuss the topic and break the stigma.

Intergroup Relations leaders discussed how celebrities approach feminism. Some asked the group what the difference was between the empowerment messages in Taylor Swift’s vs. Beyonce’s music.

Some students said they thought Swift’s music does not have the same impact as Beyonce’s because of her privilege, even if her music has messages of empowerment. Conversation later spread into European patriarchy as an instrument of subjugation during the colonial era in world history.

Anna Yeakly, the director of the Intergroup Relations Program explained that white feminism was a topic that was chosen by the students themselves: “White feminism was a topic suggested by the students, based on their interest in discussing the issue of intersectionality that is often left out of conversations about feminism,” Yeakly said.

Cody-Carrese also claims that it’s the group’s intention to create a space on campus where students can discuss overlooked topics. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Cody-Carrese has any interest in promoting the discussion of conservative and libertarian topics, which are significantly overlooked at progressive west coast universities like UCLA.


I think the article speaks for itself. When feminists can’t find an enemy on the right that’s oppressing them, they gun for each other and discard their white members. Even Taylor Swift. I may not like the girl, but really?

SJWs always lie. SJWs always double down. SJWs always project. Do they also turn on each other at the end of the day? I think that answer is yes.

Maybe the students of UCLA can combine student loan income forces and purchase a ticket for these young ladies to go to Egypt. They can learn the real meaning of female oppression. Or better yet, they can give up their spot at university to someone less privileged than themselves. But then again, we have to remember that universities will let in just about anyone these days. So it’s no real sacrifice. Especially when there won’t be a job to fit in line with their “blank” studies degree. At least not one that will provide the 40k needed to pay off the student loan debts.

Then again, their boss might be a white male. They might not take the job. Too much patriarchy asking them for real skills in the workplace.


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