#CalExit lunacy

The “CalExit” leftists who want California to secede from the Union now that President-elect Donald J. Trump is preparing to take office have a tough history to face: no effort to divide California, or to secede from the United States, has ever succeeded.

As John Myers notes in the Los Angeles Times: “Since 1849, more than 200 efforts have imagined a political do-over to the idea of California as a single, sprawling American state. Every attempt has failed.”

The closest anyone has come would appear to be the effort to create the State of Jefferson, which is still ongoing in parts of Northern California. The initial push came in the early 1940s, but was cut short by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which united the state and the nation. More recently, several northern counties have seen efforts by residents to revive the Jefferson idea as a response to a Democrat-dominated state government that seems completely out of touch with the needs of the inland and rural parts of the Golden State.

One of the many arguments Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom’s Brexit movement made prior to his successful campaign for the UK to leave the European Union, was that Europe needs the UK more than the UK needs them. The EU is reliant on many of their trade deals.

California will never in a million years be the United Kingdom. They will never have their own flourishing and self-efficient economy. As it stands, California is somewhere between $848 billion and $1 trillion dollars in debt to the rest of the United States.

Immediately after Trump’s presidential victory #CalExit started trending on Twitter. Which leads one to wonder if the liberals in California are truly as dense as they portray themselves to be. Yet, they believe that they should dictate the election because of their left leaning population, largely to blame for President Ronald Reagan’s policies.

Prior to Reagan’s disastrous 1986 Path to Citizenship immigration reform bill, California was a red state. Any immigrant who came before 1982 could eventually get citizenship regardless of the fact that they committed a crime by coming to the U.S. in the first place. This not only set a precedent for future entitled generations to think that all illegals should be handled this way, but it also led to a national movement to eventually legalize all illegal immigrants. Of which it’s speculated to be over 30 million in the country as of 2016. If not more. For this reason, Reagan will always be a cuckservative in my eyes. Many view him as the highlight reel of true conservatism. But this reform bill is one of many reasons why California is nothing short of a shit hole. A black hole where everything goes in and nothing comes out. It’s a divide between the really rich and the really poor. It’s where our youth go to perish and live in filthy LA apartments that they can’t afford while having their labor extorted during their early 20’s because someone told them they were “too beautiful for X small town.”

Why do we call California the Golden State when it’s obviously not even a bronze state? But given their love of reality TV stars, maybe we should let them secede for the entertainment value. We can film it and watch the state tear itself apart. Hours of fun!



Is Obama seeking another Cold War?

As promised (or threatened), the Obama administration has unveiled – via the US Treasury – new sanctions against Russia over election hacking allegations (that as yet have not been supported by any actual evidence). Despite president-elect Trump’s comments that “we ought to get on with our lives,” the sanctions apply to five entities and six individuals, and also including the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and closing two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to a campaign of harassment against American diplomats in Moscow, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday.

Amusingly, one of the entities is Russia’s FSB, aka the Federal Security Service, i.e. the Russian spy service, to the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons. Which, perhaps, means that previously the US would look the other way when known spies would enter the US.

The move against the diplomats from the Russian embassy in Washington and consulate in San Francisco is part of a series of actions announced on Thursday to punish Russia for a campaign of intimidation of American diplomats in Moscow and interference in the U.S. election.

The Russian diplomats would have 72 hours to leave the United States, the official said. Access to the two compounds, which are used by Russian officials for intelligence gathering, will be denied to all Russian officials as of noon on Friday, the senior U.S. official added.

“These actions were taken to respond to Russian harassment of American diplomats and actions by the diplomats that we have assessed to be not consistent with diplomatic practice,” the official said .The State Department has long complained that Russian security agents and traffic police have harassed U.S. diplomats in Moscow, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has raised the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov.


Didn’t you enjoy sleeping at night for the whole one month that we got to watch liberals crash and burn? I know I did. But Obama desperately wants to leave us in shambles and on the verge of nuclear war with Russia before he leaves office.

I talked to a friend about Russia recently and she told me, “Oh, you mean how they’re trying to meddle in our affairs?”

This is how so many who listen to the hoaxing media think. They are incapable of understanding that it’s our own government and the democratic party aligned with the media pushing this false narrative. Putin has come out publicly condemning the democrats for this and claimed he doesn’t want war. Julian Assange already admitted that Russia isn’t the source for the Wikileaks. But that doesn’t stop the democrats from refusing to accept defeat by any means necessary. They will continuously blame Russia for hacking their emails even though their corruption was exposed as a result of the DNC John Podesta emails hack. Are we meant to be more afraid of the source of a hack than what the hack reveals? That the amount of corruption inside the DNC is enough to make someone lose their faith in humanity all together?

Are these sanctions the beginning of something even worse? Will Russia respond in kind or will Putin wait until a more reasonable and level headed man enters the Oval Office?

The liberals are always claiming that they don’t want Trump because he’s Hitler. Because he’ll start World War III. Meanwhile, they have no problem agitating another nuclear power such as Russia to the point of starting another Cold War and then an actual war. The mental gymnastics is worthy of an Olympic gold medal.

Russiaphobia is real. We won’t know if there’s a cure until Trump takes the official oath.

Late Night with Milo?

A piece from the Columbia Journalism Review says the successes of Breitbart Senior editor MILO and President-elect Donald Trump are a response to late-night comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who are notorious for attacking opponents of progressive America.

Lee Siegel of the Columbia Journalism Review suggests that Breitbart Senior editor MILO is a response to the late-night comedians who have made careers out of attacking conservatives and libertarians. Siegel adds that MILO represents the “dark, twisted underside” of the persona that Colbert adopted for his late-night program. The Columbia Journalism Review is the first mainstream outlet to declare MILO as the right’s response to satirists like Stewart and Colbert.

Yes, in the darkest days of the Bush years, they were sources of therapy, catharsis, and occasional illumination. But they were mining the same vein of contempt for reality as their counterparts on the other side. Just as the far right learned some tactical lessons from the 1960s’ countercultural left, the crew at Breitbart et al. learned some lessons from the two erstwhile prophets of Comedy Central. Breitbart creation Milos Yiannopoulos’s “Dangerous Faggot” is the dark, twisted underside of Colbert’s creation of the type of bullying, autocratic persona that would be perfectly at home at Breitbart.

The column mentions an op-ed written by Trevor Noah, the current host of The Daily Show, which details Noah’s concerns that the show’s audience expected him to “attack, crush, demolish, and destroy” opponents of American progressivism.

Siegel argues that because Stewart and Colbert weren’t producing their shows for the “good of the republic,” but rather the to bring in revenue for Comedy Central, the product that they offered was tainted by a sense of commercialism and celebrity. He suggests that Donald Trump, as a former reality television star, benefitted politically from the same sense of celebrity enjoyed by the likes of Stewart and Colbert.

Siegel concludes, in a sentiment that mirrors Andrew Breitbart’s theme that “politics is downstream from culture,” by suggesting that culture is the door by which bad politics can enter the American landscape. Siegel argues that the media must sacrifice “readership and profit” for the sake of protecting the American political landscape.

I think a late night talk show with Milo would be the perfect dose of medicine that television needs at the moment. For years Colbert, Stewart, Maher, and other left wing dickbags have dominated the late night talk shows. The problem with this is that many people get their news from these late night talking heads who really don’t know what they’re talking about and have to maintain a certain level of stupidity in order to please advertisers.

Andrew Breitbart was right when he said politics is downstream from culture. Placing a firey conservative in the late night talk show realm would only help right wing movements. And potentially give conservatism a new direction that it so desperately needs at the moment. Conservatism needs to decide whether or not it’s going to wither away and die or have a revival. Because right now it appears to facing death.

I say this because I see that there are overlaps between various people who are right wing. And with overlaps, comes victories. Having one powerful right wing talk show host out there that one network is willing to support and give the middle finger to advertisers who try to control them could turn into something powerful.

I know it will never happen, but a girl can dream.