Abandoning ship?

All I’ve heard about on Twitter recently is Trump’s cabinet picks. Trump made a wrong decision here or there. This guy is a cuck. A traitor. He shouldn’t have been chosen. This person doesn’t have the opinions that are pre-approved by me. And for the most part I can say that I agree with some of this. But not all.

When you hire someone to do a job, at some point you can’t micromanage them anymore. You have to let them do the job that they were entrusted to do. Otherwise, why hire them in the first place? The U.S. took a look at Trump’s resume and decided that he was qualified for the job. Now let him do the job.

The other thing that worries me about this banter is that I can see it being fueled by the mainstream media. The MSM did their very best to deviate Bush off course before he even got started. They planted the seeds of doubt before he even took office. They went into full throttle mode after his inauguration (which if I remember correctly, he was greeted by protesters and riots). Then the MSM media went completely nuts after 9/11 by turning on Bush during the invasion of the Middle East. They told the whole of the U.S. exactly how to feel about the war as a means of getting people to turn against their own party.

Now, I said in my red pill video that I didn’t hate Bush. During this time, I certainly did. I was trained to. I accept this now because I didn’t realize at the time that I was living in an echo chamber fueled by my teachers, family, and the media. Looking back on it, I’m certainly not for an unjust war that had VERY foreseeable consequences, but I can see the reasons why we went and why so many people supported it.

My point being, I don’t plan on abandoning ship with Trump just yet. Not until he gets in office, has his first one hundred days, and we start seeing what the man is really made of. I see the patterns that the MSM took with Bush in order to purposefully turn the country against him, and I see them doing the exact same thing right now. Only it’s worse. They’ve doubled down. Their in panic mode because they realize that they don’t control the narrative and they will spin whatever hateful stories they have to in order to get it back.

I was fooled once before. Never again. I will wait. I will judge. And I will decide a few months into the new year how I feel about Trump’s performance.

With that being said, fuck Mitt Romney.

But once again, I’m not the one in office. I’m not the one with top level security clearance. I don’t know the things that Trump knows. I won’t throw in the towel just yet.

Seriously though, if Romney says the word ‘amnesty’ ever again, I want Trump to tell him “You’re fired” on national television.


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