No sympathy for the French! None!

France’s Conseil d’État (State Council) has confirmed its ban of the award-winning “Dear Future Mom” video from French television, declaring that the “inappropriate” images of happy Down syndrome children might bother women who had chosen to abort their babies.

The Council stated that the video in question could not be shown since it was “likely to trouble the conscience of women who had made different personal life choices in compliance with the law.”

According to studies, in France more than 80 per cent of all mothers pregnant with babies diagnosed with Down syndrome end up aborting their children.

“The law stipulates that only advertising messages or ‘messages of general interest’ be shown during commercial breaks. The Council determined that this film does not constitute a ‘message of general interest’,” the governing body said in a statement on its website.

Rather, it is “likely to disturb women who have had recourse to a medical termination of pregnancy and thus is inappropriate for airing during commercial breaks,” the statement added.


I’m just gonna say the thing you’re not supposed to say.

French ladies, fuck your feelings!

As a newly pro-life woman who was once the annoying libtard who believed the mantra liberals threw around about a baby in the womb not being a life, this disgusts me. Sure, learning your child has down syndrome has to be one of the most horrible things a mother can discover. But what will this trend lead to? Are we going to have ways in the future of discovering if a baby in the womb has autism? Will those babies be aborted too? Or what about pre-cancer cells? Maybe we should add in babies that have small deformities.

One thing I’ve noticed about kids with down syndrome… they’re happy. Cheerful. Yes, raising them will be immensely more difficult. But as someone with family members who suffer from disabilities of all sorts, the idea of them not existing because a mother decided she didn’t want to deal with the problem is repulsive.

We’ve alleviated women’s personal responsibility. We live in a world where only perfect children are deemed acceptable. I could forgive a mother for giving birth to a child with disabilities and then giving it up for adoption if she understood the truth about herself that she wasn’t capable of giving the child the love it needed. There are many women who simply shouldn’t be mothers. But the fact that so many French women have had abortions because their child has down syndrome and then the media catering to their feelings is a new low.

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