Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Yeah, I’m gonna do the cliche thing and say what I’m grateful for.

1.) Discovering the genius that is Stefan Molyneux.

2.) My family’s health.

3.) A nice house.

4.) My awesome friends that stood by me this year.

5.) The red pill waking me up.

6.) A better understanding of the world around me.

7.) Paul Joseph Watson’s epic Twitter feed.

8.) Safety from Hillary’s treacherous reign.

9.) God-Emperor Donald Trump

10.) Ann Coulter

11.) Scrivener, making my job as a writer great again!

12.) Butthurt leftists from DiversityGate showing me that I am REALLY grateful I’m not apart of their smug morally superior libtard club. I like my new crowd better.

13.) That I never got traditionally published like I thought I wanted for so many years. That’s one group of people I want nothing to do with. Yuck yuck yuck. No, I don’t want to sit with you.

14.) Memes.

15.) Lush bath bombs.

16.) Trailer score music. Making my writing more fun for years.

17.) Did I mention that I’m not vegan anymore? GO MEAT! *nomnomnom*

18.) Milo. Milo. Milo. Milo. Milo. Milo.

19.) Getting to go back to Europe to see some old friends.

20.) Seeing New Orleans again for the first time in over a decade.

2016 was awesome and sucky. As most years are. I’m committed to making 2017 better.

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