Hollywood scare tactics

Star Trek icon George Takei recently sent me — and perhaps thousands of other people — an email on behalf of the Democratic Party, under the subject “Japanese internment.”

The purpose of the spam is to scare liberals into donating to the Democrats, on the theory that President-elect Donald Trump is planning to round up Muslims in the same way.

Takei, an affable warrior for gay rights and same-sex marriage, was interned during World War II in one of the camps that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration established for Japanese-Americans, ostensibly because their loyalty to the United States was in doubt.

It was one of the worst policies in American history — worse still for having been ratified by the Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States (1944).

One of Breitbart News’ former offices, in fact, was in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Japanese Sawtelle, where a small, decades-old Japanese community still thrives, and where some elderly residents can still recall their internment.

Takei’s email abuses the memory of that experience for partisan fundraising purposes, based on a lie.

The lie is Takei’s claim that “Donald Trump’s transition advisors talk about building a registry of Muslims and his surrogates using the internment of Japanese-Americans as their model.”

The statement in question was not made by a member of Trump’s transition team, but a spokesman for a pro-Trump super PAC. And he did not say that the internment of Japanese-Americans was a “model” — in fact, as even the New York Times reported, he said that he would not want to do it again.

I seem to recall reading that there was once a time when the studio executives and agents ran Hollywood. It was the actor’s job to please them. Not the only way around. I didn’t even live during this time and I’m nostalgic for it.

It isn’t just the smug behavior like we saw from the cast of Hamilton last week. It isn’t even the fact that I’m tolerating speech that I hate. I will die defending these idiots and their right to say what they want. But this speaks of much larger problem at hand.

While one might think that Hollywood’s influence over the young is what causes many new voters to vote left, I think it can be observed that the media, as educated by the cultural Marxism obsessed universities are the problem here. Irresponsible journalism is leading to people having fits of hysteria and fear that are unnecessary and dangerous.

The media was primed and ready to take down Bush before he was even inaugurated. Now they’re ready to do the same to Trump. Even though their scare tactics didn’t work during the election, they’re already doubling down. And if they have to use the stupidity of Hollywood actors to get their narrative out there, they will ruthlessly do so.

The thought that Trump is going to reignite internment camps for people of other ethniticites or religions is so ridiculous that I don’t even feel the need to discuss it in great length. I also don’t feel the need to discuss the fact that I’ve heard more than one person of Japanese origin claim that internment was a necessary thing during a time of war that had America scrambling to catch up. Yes, it was horrible. Was it necessary? There are some who still believe so. Moving on.

I’ve heard several of my left leaning friends express fear that they’re going to have loved ones taken away by the Trump gestapo. I’ve had idiots fire away at me on Twitter claiming that Pence wants to put black people in the back of the bus again and allow businesses to deny POC service in restaurants. I have another friend who’s disabled that believes she might be gassed. I’m disabled. I have a vocal disability. Am I afraid? No. But many are. And it’s entirely because of the false narrative and disgusting statements such as the one made by George Takei that feed into this monstrous well-oiled propaganda machine.

I understand the fear that many Hollywood icons might feel if they’re a conservative trying to find work in a shark tank of libtard idiocy. And yet at the same time, I feel as though it’s their duty to stand up and start fighting this mass hysteria. Place themselves in the fire pit and prepare with a fire extinguisher. It’s conservatives backing away from the fire pit that’s caused this hysteria to turn into a full fledged campaign of misinformation. And fear. And people willing to go to any length to insure destruction of opinions they don’t like.  Is it scary? Of course. I’ve experienced the backlash myself. But it’s necessary in a world where the media and Hollywood have created a demonic bond to insure that people remain misinformed for the purpose of scaring people into voting left in the future.

Kanye (who didn’t vote but I will forgive him of that temporarily) came out for Trump and had to cancel his tour. He was even hospitalized. But we need more people doing exactly this. Because even though the aftermath is torrential, it exposes the left for their true nature. Intolerance.

One thought on “Hollywood scare tactics

  1. You could hardly find a better example of people terrifying **themselves** — yet the genesis of their fears hasn’t occurred to the great majority of them, even though it stares at them from the mirror every morning.

    For some reason I’m reminded of an old story from the early 20th century. A con man starts a rumor that “they’ve struck oil in Hell:” huge gushers everywhere. Pretty soon the entire population of Texas has raced off to Hell to get in on the riches. As he watches them go, the con man starts thinking that there might be something to it — after all, all those millions of people can’t all be wrong — so he heads off to Hell to get in on the boom.


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