Supreme Dark Lord @voxday

We’ll know that Milo has been proposed for a White House position by the pallid faces of the Secret Service doing his background check.

Can we take a small moment to appreciate that even though it’s a long shot and will probably not happen, this would be the most amazing libtard triggering event since the actual election?

Milo Yiannopoulos, the self-pronounced Danger Faggot who is also culturally Jewish, raised Catholic, homosexual and only dates black guys, might be our Press Secretary.

I can picture it now. Milo with perfectly quaffed hair standing at a podium, addressing the idiot hoaxing media in his fresh pressed suit and telling them what’s what with all the glory of he possesses.

They’ll call him racist. They’ll call him homophobic. They’ll call him an anti-semite, even though he’s none of those things and has the cover to prove it. None of the left’s usual crap will work against him. Twitter’s CEO would shoot himself.

Washington Post: Trump Could Install MILO As Press Secretary If He ‘Really Wants To Shake Things Up’ Guess who Trump’s other Breitbart guest was? If he really wants to shake things up, Trump could install Yiannopoulos — the self-described “most fabulous supervillain on the internet” — as his press secretary. Just imagine briefings with this guy.

The very fact that it’s the Washington Post, the libtard mania propaganda machine that my dear friend Stacy calls the Washington Compost, that’s saying this, means that it might happen. Just might.


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