Generation snowflake skips class…

Students walked out of class at schools on opposite sides of the United States on Monday, protesting President-elect Donald Trump.

In Los Angeles, protesters waved Mexican and American flags as they marched. Footage from CNN affiliates showed lines of demonstrators on sidewalks, stretching across several blocks. Some students held signs saying “Rise Up” and “Together We Stand.”

In Silver Spring, Maryland, more than 2,600 miles away, hundreds of students marched for hours Monday, beginning at a high school football field and winding their way through the city. Some drivers high-fived students as they passed, CNN affiliate WJLA reported.

You know what I did the day after 9/11? I had to go to class. You know what I did the day my grandmother passed away? I had to go to class. You know what I did after recovering from a bout of pneumonia that nearly put me in the hospital? I had to go to class. You know what I did after a ski accident that nearly crippled me? I had to go to class.

I don’t know exactly what happened between the years that I was in school and this recent generation. Maybe it’s the fact that I can clearly remember 9/11 and the patriotism everyone felt directly after. How everyone put American flags on their cars and in front of their houses. How we hugged each other and stood in a circle holding hands around the American flag. But we still went to class.

Apparently, those who went on to become teachers to our youth didn’t learn much of anything. Or something happened that I was unaware of or that I somehow managed to bypass even though I was living in an echo chamber of liberalism.

I was taught a certain toughness while growing up. I was taught that when you get knocked down, you get back up and finish. Was this years of gymnastics and taking falls on the beam that were less than stellar? Was it having to learn how to walk again like I never had done so before in my life after my ski accident? I dunno.

But the key thing that I take from all these student protests and the rioting taking place in various cities around the country, it’s this. A generation of cry babies are not a generation that I want taking office any time soon. This behavior will be remembered when people go to the voting booths in two years. If the democrats lose one more state, they will lose all power to stop or halt any constitutional amendments. The phrase “get your shit together” doesn’t even begin to encompass the purging that needs to take place for the liberals right now. And writing to senators and the electoral college because some disapprove of a democratic held election that goes back to the founding of the USA isn’t going to help the democrats gain seats in two years. The opposite in fact.

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