Obama, where are you?

Stronger together. Love trumps hate. Love is love is love.

Except when you lose a national election.

All I can think about in the last seventy-two hours is where the hell are Obama and HRC? Why hasn’t Obama said anything to try tampering down the riots that are happening across the country. Not protests. Riots! Because smashing windows, cars, shops, blocking traffic, attacking anyone who disagrees with you, and setting American flags on fire doesn’t make you progressive. It makes you communists.

HRC went on and on for days after the debate about how Trump said that he would wait until election day to decide whether or not he accepts the results. Which given the history of the democratic party allowing illegal immigrants to vote and engaging in voter fraud and several counties reporting that their machines switched their vote from Trump to Clinton (never the other way around), isn’t an unfair statement. But when Trump is the victor, HRC doesn’t make a peep about the violence or call for it to end.

One has to wonder if Obama likes this kind of violence. Or if he’s secretly hoping it will help his party in some way or sway the electoral college when they receive death threats. After all, he never denounced the violence taking place during the Charlotte riots. In fact, he claimed that the majority of them were protesting in “the right way” as they tried setting journalists on fire. He never called in the National Guard or riot police to stop it. He didn’t then. And it appears that he won’t now.

I can’t help but feel like Obama and HRC have taken a page directly out of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ in their defiance of calling out those who misbehave in their own party. There is something to be said for conservatives given that they disavow the crazies in their own group. Trump denounced those in the KKK who endorsed him. Leftists never denounce those who misbehave in their party. Probably because they’re so tolerant. Or because the ends always justify the means.

Where are you Obama?

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