Already Safer!


In the last two days, Donald Trump has made the U.S. and the rest of the world a much safer place. And he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

Few are aware that HRC wanted to bring Ukraine into NATO, which would have inevitably lead to Russia threatening war with the U.S. and a potential full-on invasion of Ukraine. And he would he been entitled to do so given that bringing Ukraine into NATO would put his country and his people at extreme risk.

My Jewish friends have expressed to me that most if not all of their Israeli friends voted for Trump. He expressed countless times that he wants to repair the relationship we have with Israel so our friendship is mutually beneficial. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was among one of the first foreign leaders to make a video congratulating Trump on his victory.

The DOW futures dropped to something like -600 the night of the election. The following morning it opened to a sharp drop, then rallied by the end of the day. The liberal media told us that Trump would tank the economy. It’s already showing signs of surging.

Mexico once said they would never build the wall. And Canada mocked him. Not anymore. Because they know they won’t be able to get away with what they have in the past as far as trade deals. And maybe, just maybe… Mexico will help to build that wall.


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