Racial tensions remain

A viral video from after Tuesday’s election shows a white man in Chicago beaten viciously in the middle of a street, then dragged down the street with his hand stuck in the back window of a car — as a crowd capturing the attack on video accuses him of supporting president-elect Donald Trump.
Two videos of the attack have gone viral despite being pulled from YouTube.

“You voted Trump! You voted Trump! Daaaaaaaamn!” an off-camera voice screams. Others can be heard saying, “You gonna pay for that shit!” and “Beat his ass!” Another laughs as the man is beaten, saying, “Don’t vote Trump.”

In another video, the death threat-laced rap song “Fuck Donald Trump” is played as two black men punch and kick the white victim. One of the assailants enters a car parked in the middle of an intersection, and when the victim tries to open the driver door, another attacker hits him in the head from behind. The white man tries to open a passenger door through an open window, but the driver accelerates, and the beaten man is dragged.


I saw this video earlier this morning on Twitter and was horrified by what I saw. As were many other people. It’s well known that those in the black community overwhelmingly vote left. The democratic party has never been their friend. The democrats are the party of slavery, the KKK, literacy tests preventing blacks from voting, Jim Crow laws, segregation, Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood ideas of eugenics as a means of keeping blacks a minority through abortion, a disastrous welfare state that divided black families, and Clinton administration criminal laws that put many young black men in prison.

So why does 90% of the black community vote left? They’ve been conditioned to believe since the time of FDR that the democrats have changed and they are the party of the people. For a black man to vote for a Republican is heresy among black voters. It makes them a traitor to their own people, an Uncle Tom, an outsider. And a potential victim of violence. If the people in this video did this to a white man, can you imagine what they would do if one of their own was outed as a Trump supporter?

The democratic party has instigated some of the absolute worst racial dividing laws in the history of the U.S. My only hope is that we can give the black community better schools. Schools that aren’t given history books from the federal government that claim the democratic party is their friend and an ally of Civil Rights. They weren’t. JFK and Johnson let the Civil Rights bill sit on their desk for nearly a decade before putting it forward, then installed a welfare state that in Johnson’s own words would “have those n*****s voting democratic for 200 years.”

I want blacks to be able to break free of their urban plantations. I want them to thrive. But as long as they sincerely believe that their lives can only get better under the democratic party (even after eight years of Obama made race relations worse than they have been since the 1960s), that might remain nothing more than a hope for the future.


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