NOLA under attack

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – What started as a protest against President-Elect Donald Trump soon turned to violent riots where one of New Orleans’ most famous monuments was covered in graffiti and glass windows were shattered out of a nearby bank.

Hundreds showed up to denounce the election of Trump–but despite media reports of a peaceful gathering, the crowd grew increasingly hostile and violent, according to Breitbart Texas sources on the ground.

Students holding signs reading “End white supremacy” originally gathered on the steps of the Lee Circle monument before the demonstrations turned destructive.

Lee Circle was fully covered in graffiti with phrases like “Black Power” and “Dismantle White Supremacy”.

Later, an effigy of Trump was burned while glass windows at a nearby bank were shattered.


As much as I love my native city of New Orleans, as much as I wanted to live there again as a kid, as much as I adored my visit back in April, and as much as I wanted to get that job at the National World War II Museum (which I would have been great at given that I worked in a war museum in the UK but HR wouldn’t talk to me), I’m scared of it these days.

It was only a matter of time before the protests from the left over Trump’s election win turned to violence. I knew it. The police knew it. They even prepared for it in certain cities such as LA in case the election went to Trump. A naive part of me hoped that with Trump’s win, the police would know that they would have the opportunity to shut down any and all violent protests given that a candidate who supports the police had been elected. Regardless, we have seen violence in ways that were predictable, but still shocking.

The burning of US flags, calls for ‘DIE WHITE PEOPLE, DIE’ and vandalism of all kinds. Breaking into buildings, setting cars on fire, and death threats being chanted in the streets.

As much as I’ve enjoying bathing in the luxurious bath of SJW tears over the last thirty-six hours, and even with being able to sleep soundly for the first time in months, I realize that there are many in other cities who are not afforded this opportunity. Because as usual, the tolerant left has shown that they are incapable of tolerance if an opinion opposite to their own is voiced in way, large or small.

Newflash lefties… this kind of behavior is why you lost. Enjoy it now, because there will come a time when you will get the jail sentence you deserve for participating in these childish antics.

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