Fighting fire with artillery

“Once the enemy sets a precedent by utilizing a certain tactic, you are not only free to utilize that tactic against him, but you must do so if you wish to prevent him from continuing to use it successfully against you.”

“The way this tends to work out in a practical sense is that SJWs are all attack and no defense. If you can survive the attack and counterattack, you will often be surprised to learn how easy it is to send them reeling in disarray.”

“Show them no mercy because they do not believe in it and they do not deserve it.”

  • SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

“The days of sitting on the fence and not opposing social justice warrior censorship because you don’t agree with everything that (insert controversial figure) says are gone. It’s shit or bust. It’s free speech or no speech and it’s time to pick a side.”

  • Paul Joseph Watson

Why did I pick these quotes for today’s blog post? Because I hear time and time again that when fighting a battle, one must not lose themselves in the fight. While I do agree with this, it’s become clear to me that in order to defeat an enemy that has no moral compass, one must allow themselves to do things that they might not have enjoyed doing previously.

In my initial diversity video, I pointed out that Samantha from ThoughtsOnTomes posted a screenshot of one of her subscribers innocently asking her why she downgraded a book from five stars to four stars because it wasn’t diverse enough. Samantha shamed her for even asking the question. I said in my video that one should never shame one of their subscribers for innocently asking a question. It’s a form of public humiliation for the purpose of gaining a few virtue signaling social media brownie points with the other leftist morons in the BookTube community.

I stand by this. To an extent. I’ve recently enjoying posting idiot comments I’ve received on YouTube to my Twitter account. I justify this because these people posting idiotic comments are not my subscribers. They are not loyal followers. They are not innocent. I said in my red pill video that bigots need a larger platform. So I give them one via my Twitter account, or occasionally on my blog. Because once your enemies develop a certain tactic and use it against you, you are free to do the same. Or as Vox Day would say, we should fight fire with artillery. I will be that artillery.

In light of this… here are some stunners I received this week. Just for the fun of it.


Apparently protecting women and children from gang rape isn’t a worthy cause anymore because feminism has taken things too far. Maybe this is why a rapist was let off this week after raping a child in the Austria? Apparently saving children from rape isn’t a ‘damn good reason.’


Basement virgin. Enough said.



Blue lives matter. Period.

Let this serve as a warning. If you share something that showcases your stupidity, I will laugh at it and share it with my friends. Because biggots need to have a platform and they should be heard. I’m just helping to give these folks a bigger microphone.


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