No future left to fight for?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed the Austrian legal system after claiming that the infamous “sexual emergency” migrant pool rapist was to be acquitted of molesting a young boy.

The Russian president rarely comments on the internal affairs of European countries, and even less on specific court cases. However, Mr. Putin refused to stay silent this week as he slammed the Austrian justice system over a case in which the infamous “sexual emergency” migrant rapist was alleged to have been acquitted by an Austrian court who will seek a retrial on the case, reports OE24.

According to Mr. Putin, the court’s decision was the result of a “dissolution of traditional national values”. He added: “In a European country a child is raped by a migrant. The court acquitted him for two reasons: he speaks the language poorly and he did not understand that the boy, yes it was a boy, didn’t want this.”

Putin called the resulting court ruling inconceivable and said that a nation that refuses to defend its children has no future. “This is the result of the dissolution of traditional national values and a sense of guilt towards migrants,” he said.

Anyone that goes to visit my previous videos regarding gender roles and the migrant crisis will quickly learn from the comments below that there are many men who believe there’s nothing left worth fighting for. Western civilization is descending into chaos from the migrant crisis and feminism, therefore why should they fight to save it?

I refer to these men generally as beta or gamma males. Or perhaps just weak and lacking in traditional values. Alpha males such as Vladimir Putin seem to agree with me. Now, I don’t know great deal about Putin. I’ve heard the general stuff like he was the head of the KGB, he’s ruthless, he reinvigorated the Russian economy, he invaded Georgia and Ukraine. But for fairness, I really don’t know much. On a recent coffee date, a gentleman told me that many Europeans (particularly in Italy) like Putin because he’s a man’s man and protects the interest of his people. I remained uncertain given that I didn’t know a great deal about him.

With that being said, I think he’s 100% right in this statement. A loss of traditional values may be the end of Western civilization, starting with Europe. When a young boy is raped and the rapist is let off for the sake of virtue signaling tolerance to the world, it isn’t seen as tolerance. It’s seen as weakness. Other countries and migrants will laugh and continue to rape innocent victims because they will know they can get away with it. And a nation that loses it’s sense of masculinity in favor of appeasing the criminals over the victims, will always fall prey to those who want to dominate them. It appears as though certain countries in Europe might let this fate become of them. Reading the comments in my videos, one can see some men (or bitter manchildren in my view) urging the end to come without realizing that they too will meet a sticky end.

After thousands of years, the bond men and women have shared is breaking down. The women raised the children, and the men protected their home from foreign invaders. Many men have told me that they’re reneging on that pledge and that they have no interest in protecting their women. Now it seems as though some have no interest in protecting their children either.

One thought on “No future left to fight for?

  1. Guilherme.

    A 10-year old was raped and feminists are not protesting. No, it’s not because the rapist is a migrant, it’s for another reason. Can you guess why?

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