True bravery

I recently learned that it was Alana Goodman, a journalist from Daily Mail, who broke the story about Anthony Weiner’s disgusting extracurricular activities. Seriously though, how many sex scandals can the Democratic Party withstand at this point? Even Dinesh D’Souza said in his film Hillary’s America, “What is it with democrats and younger women?” I feel the greatest sympathy imaginable for the sorry bastard in the FBI who has to look at the dick pics Weiner sent to that fifteen-year-old. Cringe worthy doesn’t even begin to describe…

Nevertheless, I wanted to point out something that Mike Cernovich said in his recent Periscope. Democrats are always going on about ‘Stronger Together’ and giving women who break glass ceilings a pat on the back. Was Alana Goodman given this treatment? No. Much like James O’Keefe after his stunning investigative activism, she was beaten down and immediately discredited. Stronger Together is only a thing when you are united behind the same cause. The democratic cause.

I want to take this moment to give a massive hats off to Alana Goodman. It’s reporters like her that make me hope for a future when journalism becomes about holding people accountable again and not being a talking piece for one side or the other.

Well done, Alana!

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