“I’m sick of it!”

Michael Moore had this to say on Bill Maher last night (not that I watch Bill Maher, I just read it on Breitbart).

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” filmmaker Michael Moore reacted to the FBI announcing it was taking a second look into Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails by stating, “She has been attacked and abused for 30 years. I’m sick of it. I don’t want to hear this 11 days before the election. … Bill, this is just such bullsh*t.”

Moore said, “This is just another one of these things. She has been attacked and abused for 30 years. I’m sick of it. I don’t want to hear this 11 days before the election.”

“I’m sick of it”… I’m just waiting for the usual remarks from the left. “This is sexist. They’re only doing this because she’s a woman. This is partisanship.”

No sweet snowflakes, this is a woman who committed a felony that would have you and me in prison for the rest of our lives. As someone with friends who work in the state department that have to get their security clearance renewed every year, I can safely say that this woman has gotten away with something that even FBI Director Comey claimed anyone else would be indicted for.

I already speculated after this first happened that there was one giant reason as to why Comey didn’t indict HRC. This has to go all the way up to the top. To POTUS. Wikileaks already revealed that Obama emailed Hillary while she was using her private server, lied about not knowing of its existence, and that he used a pseudonym when he emailed her. Will Obama get charged with perjury? No. He wasn’t under oath when he said he didn’t know about it. But aiding and abetting, possibly. There are countless others who knew about HRC’s email server and didn’t say anything. Indicting Hillary would have meant causing the entire playground to come crashing to the ground.

Good. Let it. Drain the swamp.

But hey, libtards like Moore say they’re “sick of it” because it’s abuse and not a felony that would have landed his fat ass in jail. Because facts are sexist. Or racist. Or some other word libtards like to use these days.

Got news for you, Moore. There are plenty of us who are delighted to hear this eleven days before the election. Elated! Ecstatic! Dancing on the rooftops. I first heard it when I was driving on a busy freeway. Not recommended. But the happy dance ensued anyway.


6 thoughts on ““I’m sick of it!”

  1. Re: making the claim that Hillary is being investigated by the FBI just because she is a woman, lol, there was a female professor who claimed that (they just showed it on Fox news five minutes ago). I guess that if you never take the time to listen to people differently from you, then those “other” people will always be a mystery to you. Then just practice this black and white thinking that literally everything in life can be explained by racism or sexism! Facepalm. By the way, I turned to my husband when the professor clip was shown and said: “What about Nixon?”

    1. Exactly! What about Nixon? Very good point. That’s one thing that I hate about this election cycle. We have all this evidence of corruption and ppl are turning their heads away and covering their ears. The divide has been so extreme.

      1. Thank-you. You’re so right – and I’m not sure if they’re ignoring it or just not being presented with it – or perhaps being presented with just a sliver of it and then spoon-fed an inaccurate excuse at the same time, so that if they hear that information in the future, they already have a rebuttal in their heads. Yes, it does feel really divisive and that sucks! A good friend of mine literally thinks that anyone voting for Trump is doing so because Clinton is a woman. What’s missing is a comprehension of why people think politically differently from you. I think they’ve been fed so much smearing of the right by mainstream media that they literally think that sexism explains … everything in life.

      2. I hear ya. I have a friend who legitimately believes if she votes her Hillary, her kids will get free college. It makes me cringe every time I hear it and she can’t be swayed. Dumbing the issues down to sexism and racism is the biggest non-argument out there. It lacks any depth of critical thinking.

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