Goodreads goes full SJW

I’ve had a beef with Goodreads for a long while now. I first found their system irritating because they won’t allow the authors who have an author profile on their site to make changes to their books. As a self-published author, I often make changes to my books. Descriptions, cover art, etc. But given that when I was first starting only a few years ago and didn’t know how things worked, I didn’t realize that when I made a change to my book, it was listed as an entirely new book. This made it difficult for readers to find which book to review given that the same book is often listed but with a different cover.

Then I started to notice that fake reviews were popping up everywhere. Goodreads is a website that’s supposedly aimed at reviewing books. Not really. It’s a website that appears more like a forum discussion of authors and books. I find that at least 1/4 of the books reviews on it aren’t genuine.

One thing I respect about Amazon (who ironically owns Goodreads), is that they removed all fake reviews of books and other products from their website. They have an efficient system for finding fake reviews or people selling reviews for a product that can mislead the customer. Many authors were shocked when tons of their non-genuine reviews were removed. Goodreads obviously doesn’t care about their reputation in this regard given that people can review a book on their website before it’s even released by the publisher. And often times, books that don’t even exist.

Given the drama of my recent diversity videos, I was prepared for the SJWs to go after my livelihood. Meaning my book brand. They left the usual comments on my books that had little to do with the actual books, and had everything to do with me being a supposed white supremacist because I had the audacity to cite facts and statistics about the white birthrate being on the decline. Quite dramatically I might add.

I emailed Goodreads asking if the problem could be amended because fake reviews were being posted. I knew they wouldn’t do it before I asked. But what I didn’t know was that their reasoning would be about as SJW as one could possibly imagine.

Hi Bre,
Thank you for contacting us about this, though we sincerely apologize for the delayed response.  We have evaluated the reviews you mentioned, but unfortunately they didn’t meet our standards for removal, as they don’t appear to be violating our review guidelines.  To clarify, members are entitled to express their views in their review space, even if an opinion is highly critical or discusses controversial social views.  Honest reviews (positive or negative) are extremely important to us. 
It may help to know that we are in the process of looking into these reviewer’s accounts to make sure they are abiding by our rules in all other respects, and we will be sure to take any appropriate action necessary.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.
The Goodreads Team

Controversial social views? Honest reviews that don’t even discuss the book, but the author’s political views? Let me get this straight… A review can be legitimate if it’s deemed to be discussing social issues even if it has absolutely no connection to the book that they are actually reviewing? In other words, discussions on social justice are perfectly okay even if they don’t talk about the book and it’s directed at the author’s political beliefs.

And they’re going to look into the reviewer’s accounts? Not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Not even a year ago, Vox Day opened up a group on Goodreads called the Rabid Puppies as a part of his campaign to help authors with conservative voices and genre fiction to get nominated by the far-leftist Hugo Awards who are well known for caving to politically correct culture to signal their leftist virtue through the publishing industry. The group was thrown off Goodreads and many of those who joined it, including Vox Day, were banned from Goodreads and had their accounts deleted. IN UNDER 36 HOURS OF THE GROUP BEING CREATED! No explanation was given.

Their official policy reads:

Goodreads policy allows users to rate a book as soon as it is listed on the site. We do not dictate on what basis Goodreads members form their personal opinions about a book, so we have no rules about reading the full text of a book before rating and reviewing it. We recognize that not everyone will agree with this policy, but it is one that has worked well for the Goodreads community over time.
Users are entitled to express their honest opinions about the book, even if others feel them to be misguided or wrong. We don’t evaluate a reader’s opinions based on how, when, or why they made a judgement about the work that they read. Given the subjective nature of reviews, it’s hard to designate one review as “wrong” and another “right.” Even if we could, it would be impractical to manually verify the authenticity of every statement made in a Goodreads review, and we have to be consistent in how we apply our policies.  

Wait a minute… they have a policy of non-interference with reviews, but they banned Vox Day and his followers for having the wrong opinions? Further proof that SJWs don’t need logic or facts to further their non-arguments.

Kevin Xu, a friend of mine via Instagram (follow his amazing Instagram page ‘kxu65’) informed me that he once received death threats via Goodreads. This was five years ago. Apparently, he gave a review that a few leftists didn’t like and they promptly called for his blood. Kevin contacted the Goodreads employees to see if anything could be done. Not only did they do nothing about it, but the moderators of the group he was partaking in ended up leaving the group.

I’ve even heard that Goodreads places a special interest in promoting books that channel an SJW or leftist narrative. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Once again, I knew that Goodreads wouldn’t take down the reviews. But curiosity got the better of me as far as what they would say. I wanted to know just how SJW Goodreads had become. I got my answer.

Don’t count on me using it anymore. I may even delete my account. Although, I do wish their company was public. I would short the stock today if I could.

One thought on “Goodreads goes full SJW

  1. Hi Bre, just FYI, the rules for changes on books via eBook distribution is you can fix typos and bad grammar, but the minute you add or remove content you have to sign up a new edition. Fixing images sometimes is ok, unless you add images. Also keep in mind any changes you make aren’t automatically updated for your current readers (depending on the vendor)

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