Selective memory problems?

Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday, “Selective memory is exactly the point” when it comes to the mainstream media’s reaction to Republican nominee Donald Trump suggesting he would wait and see before accepting the election results on November 8.
“All he said was, ‘I’ll wait and see what the results are,’ which is a reasonable position, I suppose,” said Caddell, also pointing out that Democrats challenged the results of the presidential elections in 2000 and 2004.

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore were still claiming Al Gore won the 2000 election as recently as last week in Florida on the stump together:

As the crowd chanted and Hillary smiled and nodded approvingly, Gore continued his thought process by suggesting that he actually won the 2000 election by warning the young voters to not be in a position “years from now” welcoming Hillary Clinton and saying to her “actually you did win, it just wasn’t close enough to make sure that the votes were counted.”

Through this entire sequence, Mrs. Clinton continued to smile and nod in agreement.

Additionally, Democrats, including current Secretary of State John Kerry, accused George Bush of stealing the 2004 election: “A profile of Secretary of State John Kerry published Sunday in The New Yorker reveals that, 11 years after his election loss to George W. Bush in 2004, Kerry still believes he was robbed via systematic fraud.”

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thought the very question of whether or not Trump would accept the results wasn’t only ridiculous, but also massively hypocritical. Citizens in Florida still claim that their ballots were rigged during the Bush/Gore election. And that was back during the days of using paper ballots. I remember seeing the paper ballot and it was designed to be massively confusing. It also didn’t help matters that Bush’s brother Jeb was the governor of Florida at the time. Yet, Bush got away with it.

Yet the democrats are now trying to demonize Trump for claiming that he will wait to see what the results are before he deems them acceptable. They have a history of not accepting the results. Gore didn’t. Kerry didn’t. That answer to me screams common sense. To democrats, it seems to scream radical.

This has surpassed common sense and breached the realm of the ridiculous.

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