Republicans below human?

I’ve never liked Bill Maher. Ever. He lost me when he claimed that those who work in the oil industry shouldn’t have jobs. But this…

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher wondered if it was possible to be a good person and still support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Maher said, “The people of Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kentucky, I know they’re Republican, mostly, but they’re human, right? These are human beings? What the f*ck does it take, in this country, to have being a human being supersede being a Republican?”

After former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE) stated that there are good people who are supporting Trump, Maher asked, “Can you at this point?” After Kerrey argued that you could, Maher stated, “I don’t get that.”

He added, “If the basket fits. Well, if you’re deplorable — I mean, if you have deplorable beliefs, you’re deplorable.”

It appears that being conservative, a Republican, or a Trump supporter makes you below human now. Not just deplorable, but subhuman. And people wonder why there’s so much violence being done at Trump rallies toward his supporters?

Trump is Hitler. His supporters are deplorable. They’re sub-human. Say these things enough, and the easily persuaded low IQ morons will believe it. They will see it as their civic duty to take down his supporters by any means necessary. Even doing physical harm to them. Then what does the tolerant left do when this happens? More often than not, they laugh.

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