I like men to be men

“For a culture to be balanced and to work out well, you need to have both a masculine part and a feminine part. And now the masculine part is lost. We see the consequences of how the post-modern values are just a construction. It’s very fragile fundamentally. And we now see that we don’t have any males that can stand up, who can fight back those male aggressors that we are facing. So the vacuum that feminism has created means that women are becoming victims of those male aggressors.”

– Iben Thranholm

This comment was made in an interview Thranhom gave regarding the current European migrant crisis and the feminization of men. My spell check tells me that’s not even a word, but I’m going with it.

The interviewer promptly stated that if men act like men and are aggressive, we have more wars and violence. I guess that’s how we should fight these days. Just submit. Fighting back might imply that we actually value our lives.

Can anyone imagine if we didn’t let our aggressive men into battle against fascism, communism, or any other dictatorship?

Thranholm suggested that there needs to be a male revolution where these men in Europe who are allowing their culture to be stripped away by not protecting their women from the ever growing rape epidemic that’s exactly in line with the number of Muslim migrants being allowed in, are forced to recognize and embrace their own masculinity.

I’m reminded how how Chris Kyle was demonized after he was made into something of a hero after the success of his book, American Sniper. Especially after the film came out. His “aggression” was seen as a character flaw rather than something that kept Americans safe.

If my nation is threatened, I want the men to be men. I want them to defend our nation and take pride in doing so. People of this generation seem to believe that the only way to maintain peace is through acceptance and tolerance. History proves quite the opposite. Peace is only maintained by having the bigger club. The sharper sword. The more powerful gun. The more destructive bombs. Many people believe that Japan surrendered from WWII because of the nuclear bombs. It didn’t. It was from all the fire bombing on their villages that were made of wood. Yes, there was a horrific amount of bloodshed. But what followed was a peace agreement that saved the lives of what has been speculated to be thousands if not a million American and Russian soldiers and countless civilians.

The EU’s womanized politicians have proven to Europe that they are no longer capable of protecting their people. They are more concerned with appearing politically correct, tolerant, accepting, embracing the notion of “stronger together” and diversity that has resulted in more terror attacks than the mainstream media is even willing to acknowledge.

Thranholm claimed in another interview with Stefan Molyneux that some European politicians are trying to create a law that states anyone who expresses hatred or even skepticism for another ethnicity can potentially be expelled from their country of origin. Men who see potential threats, recognize them, and call them out, might be exiled for even daring to say that there’s a problem. Europe, where is your survival instinct?

Maybe it’s my respect for the U.S. Constitution and the American way of defending the U.S. from “all enemies foreign and domestic” that helps me to see that the only way to stop an enemy is to say that one exists, but this seems to be falling by the wayside in favor of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.

I blame feminism. I blame the leftists for teaching the upcoming generations that gender is a social construct and that they don’t have to embrace their masculinity if they don’t want to.

I want the men in America to be men. I want to feel protected. And I’m not ashamed or weak for saying so.

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