Hades is a lesbian now?

I woke up this morning to a text from a friend. He informed me that Samantha from ThoughtsOnTomes had posted a new video on YouTube where she is reading a book about Hades being a woman and having a lesbian affair with Persephone.

Take a moment to let that one sink in.

Okay, are you done laughing?

Let’s begin.

I knew this trend was going to get worse after the reaction to my initial diversity video. Rather than people actually seeing that their fight for identity politics in books was beyond ridiculous and the exact opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King wanted, they defended it in a way that only true SJWs can. Through vile comments and throwing around words like racist and white supremacist because I had the nerve to bring up the decline in the white birthrate. Quite frankly, it’s a typical millennial snowflake leftist reaction at this point.

I knew that ThoughtsOnTomes would be at the top of this SJW list because it was her tweet condemning one of her subscribers that I discussed in the initial video. She promptly took it down and replaced it with one bashing me. Or rather virtue signaling how awful I was and how my video was ‘trash.’ I’m still chuckling on the inside.



One would think that a young woman who survived a cancer wouldn’t need personal validation via social media, but I digress.

The fact that a book like this got published (I don’t know the name of it because I don’t want to draw anymore attention to it than necessary) is the exact problem that I have with the traditional publishing industry right now. The intentions behind it are quite obvious and everything that I’ve come to hate about third wave feminism and social justice. And the precise reason why I self-publish. Traditional publishing has become such a massive virtue signaling party that Vox Day had to start a campaign called Sad Puppies just to make sure the Hugo Awards weren’t stolen by SJWs in the publishing industry as they had been for years. And rather than admitting that the publishing industry hadn’t been choosing their selection of books from more diverse viewpoints or by conservative authors or genre authors, the leaders of the Hugo Awards threatened to shut down the awards in response. Talk about tolerant and open minded leftists.

Back to the book…

When women take the place of men in stories that have already been done with a male character, I find it lacking creativity. The new Ghostbusters film is a perfect example of this. The men in the original film obviously did it better. And by insisting that women take on those roles, they don’t realize that they’re reaffirming the superiority of the patriarchy.

Making Hades a female seems unnecessary and is trying way too hard to  pander to women who feel slighted by the horrible god-awful wretched oppressive patriarchy, that pretty much gave them everything they enjoy under the sun. Without having read it (I admit it openly because I don’t want to go through that kind of pain), I can only assume that a younger demographic have a desire to read it because it has a, dare I say it, “diverse” cast of characters. When in reality it sounds like a porno. A really bad one.

Why was the lesbian relationship necessary? Was it done to make a point? Could writing a modern retelling of Hades and Persephone be enough without having to change Hades into a woman or make the characters lesbians? Or maybe Hades has gone trans at this point. Who knows?

For all I know, the story might be well written. But I have to wonder what the agent thought of this manuscript after receiving the query letter. Something like, ‘Wow, a myth retelling. And it’s totally progressive! Win win! It will sell like hot cakes.’

Something that really pissed off a few leftists in my original video was the fact that I pointed out one truth that people often don’t like to hear. Homosexuals only comprise about 4% of the United States population. Most people think it’s around 15-25%. So knowing this, then going online and seeing people push for Captain America having a gay boyfriend, I have to roll my eyes and wonder where this stuff stops. Captain American doesn’t need to be gay to fill a certain diversity quota in the Marvel universe. As Milo Yiannopoulos has stated many times, quite truthfully, gays are over represented in the media/fiction/and everywhere else. Do I want fewer gays? No, of course not. I really don’t care. And that’s the basic concept people don’t understand. The majority of the public doesn’t care. They just want accuracy and good characters. If that character happens to be gay, fine. Whatever floats the author’s boat.

Writers should have the freedom to write what they want without the fear of stigma attached or being called racist because they had the audacity to write what they know rather than pandering to millennials who think a lack of book representation is the height of modern day oppression. The author of this book wrote what she/he wanted to write. More power to that author and I hope this author enjoyed the experience of writing it. However, I think it’s quite obvious why this book was published… and why it’s being widely read.

The publishing industry is one big virtue signaling party.


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