English is the new racism

I had an interesting experience while at a friend’s house recently.

We were all sitting around the television watching Golden Girls. One of the characters walked into the scene and said something that I didn’t find particularly offensive, but the leftist beside me did. The woman in the scene claimed that she could probably walk around Ecuador easier than Miami because no one in Miami spoke English anymore. The young woman beside me said, “I didn’t know she was racist.”

Part of this surprised me. Other parts of it didn’t. By the character claiming that when she was asking for directions she couldn’t find a soul that spoke English, she was deemed racist. I’ve seen people labeled as racist before for the mere aggravation of wanting someone working behind a counter in a store to speak English a little better. Apparently, by wanting to preserve the dominant language in the U.S., you’re racist. At least by today’s standards of what qualifies as being racist.

Yes, America is comprised of immigrants (or in earlier days settlers) from all sorts of countries. But one thing the founding fathers did that many aren’t aware of is fight for a common language and assimilation of foreigners into an American way of life. They expressed dislike for the Pennsylvania Dutch because they nested in their own community and refused to assimilate with others. Many also believe that immigrants from European countries came to the U.S. because they found American values amazing and the second they set foot on American soil, they felt American. Because magic soil transforms one’s values instantaneously, right?

Not so much. Something like 3/4 (I say something like because I don’t have the exact figure on me at the moment) came to America for work related reasons, got some money, then went back to Europe. Only 1/4 chose to stay and embrace the American way of life. Some immigrants today are the same. Especially illegal immigrants. They don’t come to the United States because they desire to absorb the same ideals and virtues as Americans. They want jobs. They want to send money home. Then some (not all) go back to their native countries. The jobs here provide more than they can make at home while driving down wages for average Americans seeking jobs.

When I heard this comment, I was reminded of all this. The mere act of desiring for the preservation of American culture and the predominant language being English is racist now. It might be only a matter of time before the American flag is racist too.

Oh wait, I already wrote about that. The state flag was banned from a recent Ole Miss football game because it was deemed offensive.

Being separate from American ideals is becoming the new norm.

I’m having visions of the founding fathers shaking their heads in disgust. Everything they built is steadily being broken down for the sake of appearing politically correct. Most other countries in the world have a single dominant language. But for an American to want such a thing is racist. I can see a Japanese person getting irritated if someone in a grocery store didn’t speak Japanese very well. But I guess desiring the preservation of one’s culture is selfish. That is… if you’re American.


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