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  1. Hi, I’ve come from YouTube. I just posted a comment but it’s a bit flooded over there so I thought I’d copy it here… re: PC hypersensitivities

    “The amount of violations of human rights in a country is always an inverse function of the amount of complaints about human rights violations heard from there. The greater the number of complaints being aired, the better protected are human rights in that country.” ~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Former US Senator (D)

    I think this quote goes a long way to explain the current victim culture. It’s not only the free and prosperous Western countries where imagined oppression reigns, but if you zoom in a little closer you see that even within that subset it is predominantly the upper-middle class and the elites who are pushing this delusion: those who have benefited from the best education money can buy and have never worked a day in their lives – and possibly will never. The reality is things are pretty damn good, and they’ve never been better, we’re just increasingly narcissistic and entitled – especially those with a public platform.

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