Beware of Useful Idiots

Screenshot (44).png

The lovely Tiana Dalichov tweeted this out earlier this morning. I had to feature it not only because of it’s accuracy, but because I see these patterns already taking place.

What do leftists carry on about the most?

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. (Reference #1)

The virtuous poor and the evil rich.  (Reference #2)

Tax increases on all those who make a certain income. (Reference #3)

Guns are bad. Bad bad bad. You plebs can’t be trusted with them. (Reference #4)

Anyone who has concerns about the sustainability of the welfare state hates the poor. (Reference #5)

Federalized education is the best way to educate our young. Home schooling is bad. (Reference #6)

Christians are bigots who hate gays. All white Christians are white supremacists.(Reference #7)

Black Lies Matter. Bring more illegal immigrants. And some “migrants” from Arab nations that we’re currently at war with. What could go wrong? (Reference #8)

I’m starting to realize why all my history classes prior to becoming a history major stopped at the Industrial Revolution. Heaven forbid kids learned socialism and communism weren’t such great ideas.



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