Nutty Avengers

So this is a bit of old news, but I felt that it needed to be mentioned again. Because if people honestly found my diversity video more offensive than this, they need an ass kicking.

Last week I went online as so many of us do and discovered that some of the Avengers cast and other actors had made a commercial that was not only anti-Trump, but also about as arrogant and condescending as they come. People had the nerve to say I’m condescending for having the audacity to defend myself and my position in my diversity video. No. I tell the truth. And this is yet another truth.

The cast of the Avengers need a massive smack down.

Watch this ad and then tell me (even if you support HRC) that it’s not extremely condescending.

First of all, the thought of seeing Mark Ruffalo naked does nothing for me. It’s cringe worthy. Keep it zipped, Mark.

Second, these celebrities used to always be on the bandwagon of telling everyone to “go vote”. It supposedly didn’t matter who we voted for, because the act of voting was more important.

Not anymore. We’re being told a bunch of libtard, yuppie, arrogant, rich, elitist pricks that we need to vote for Clinton. Even though her name isn’t even brought up, the message is loud and clear.

I’m most disappointed in Downey. This guy walked out on an interview with a famous English reporter who dared to ask him if he was a liberal. Rather than answering the question after the guy kept pestering him, he walked away. It was a thing of beauty. Now Downey is participating in an ad that’s indirectly (and directly) telling us poor little plebs how to vote. I would like to think that maybe Downey wasn’t given the whole script and that he didn’t realize how this atrocious ad would be put together. But something tells me that’s not the case. *sigh* Why Downey, why?

Hollywood has always been known as liberal. The entirety of California is liberal. It’s expected and not a surprise. But to tell the American people that this issue was so important that “a whole lot of famous people” came out of their high wall mansions to tell the average Joe what was best for them is true definition of arrogance. And condescending.

Go back to acting Avengers. Persuasive arguments aren’t your strong suit..

3 responses

  1. I know I have said this on Twitter, but this is exactly the same condescending approach they tried on us in the UK. They tried to manipulate us in to voting remain in EU. They went as far as insulting anyone who would consider voting leave.

    This did not stop after the vote. The continued to lambaste us, by saying we were all uneducated morons and poor people, who obviously could not know what we were voting for. Furthermore, we must be stupid because we believed all the lies that we must have heard, if we voted leave.

    The left is butt hurt here in the UK and hopefully about to receive the same lesson in the US. This approach does not work! People see through the elitist fakery and want their lives back.

    I guess there is a class system in play in the US, just as there is in the UK!

    • I remember hearing that there was a lot of this kind of crap going around during the UK’s recent Brexit vote. The alternative media here suspicions that Trump actually has a lot more voters than people are admitting to because they have to remain closeted. They could lose their jobs for admitting it.

      I remember this repulsive TED Talk where a self-professed “Liberal Globalist” made the argument that the country outside of London was obviously backwards, old, and ignorant for the mere act of disagreeing with him. And the audience cheered. *gag*

      There’s definitely a class system here. We don’t really call it class though because the left wants to focus more on skin color and systemic racism being the culprit of supposed inequality.

      I sincerely hope with all my heart that the butt-hurt left doesn’t win the U.S. election. Time will tell. Congrats to you though for winning and sticking your ground, you brave soul.

  2. It is interesting as an outsider as we may see it differently. As I follow the libertarian side of Twitter I am in danger of only hearing one side. Our media appears to present Trump as a buffoon who could not possibly be president. We see the echo of your left led media.

    However, I was listening to a middle class radio station comedy show earlier. All the comedians were the usual lefties with anti Trump rhetoric. Then one guy admits he actually thinks Trump can win. I really think some of them are starting to disbelieve the mainstream media

    When ever I hear Trump bad mouthed in the UK I always question it. “When was he racist”? “When did he do that”? Interestingly and as usual, people know nothing in reality and are programmed by the MSM.

    Well lets see what November brings. Both UK and US appear to be going through a time of correction and dealing with the lefts idiocy. There is hope!

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